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Found 9 results

  1. I’m sure, most people have not taken a liking towards the new system of not being able to use items you don’t have the blueprint for. I get that it is good for stopping hackers’ progression, but with the new and better anti cheats, hackers have become less prominent. This poll is to see which idea is better, not being able to use items like hunting rifle etc, even if you killed someone for it, or being able to. @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev
  2. We need ads about sandbox 3d, ways for people to learn about it. And not those shitty game ads, but an honest one. On a side note, maybe make a "global chat" option in servers, where you can talk to people from other servers. Still, yall need ads
  3. Alot has changed from 2020. Nazis and soviets have attacked. A major change I see is rp has fallen. A good side effect is sex servers are down. Despite what most believe, I hate sex servers. I preferred the bars. What we need though is a way to combat people who are in clans. My idea is a armor system, which can be bought and equipped like weapons.
  4. @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev @[CC] xAnony, please pin this topic. To all members, the update will be coming around Saturday to answer that question. And from the looks of it, PvP will be returning, as well as a better anti-cheat. Other than the main things people looked forward, there will probably be balance updates, bug fixes, and more features. Please do not ask any of these questions before and soon after the update, as this is an irrelevant question due to answers being known.
  5. @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev , We have waited over a month with literally no news. I understand how hard it is for the small group of devs to do this, but the game is utterly broken right now. One of your forums users, Aony, has made *some* timeframes about the update, but it still has been 3 months without an actual rough update time. Please tell us as I can’t handle these rockets and hackers anymore.
  6. FYI, this is not very important regarding the latest issues, but I do think it should be known. When are we gonna get voice chat on IOS? What is the communities views on it? That’s what I want to know. ?
  7. Hey everyone I have suggested some changes regarding the rocket launcher + Rocket's but I also need from you guys a few new ideas about the rocket issues it self. ________________________________ Don't worry the rocket killing is just because of the No damage issues After that is patched you will likely to see it less. ________________________________ So I need the following information. what is the issue with rockets? Is it to easy to research and craft? So yes suggest some good ideas to make it fair for new - old players •Researching [ Cost's] •Crafting requirements [Rocket including rocket launcher •[The damage against players / base is less to fix about] splash radius might can be lower But by how many %?? •Crafting time ________________________________ If you would reply with any information I appreciate it. [Don't start a argument with some els their opinion!! since that's their point of view]
  8. This is good idea and when you drink water bottle and the items gives you empty bottle to refill with dirty water and use the purificator
  9. Esto es para el tipo desnudo cuando comienza 2 meses later de los reinicios