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  1. Clans could just vote kick random people whenever they feel like it, so it would have to be a large enough vote kick to work, but good idea
  2. The turret is just P2W garbage just like the shop ?‍♂️
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    Dear @Catsbit.Care, I have been asking (very politely) for you to remove the engram lock. You thought it would be a good way to deter hackers, and that didn’t work. But for me, it ruins the game for teams and players who get loot that they didn’t grind for. You know the feeling, making a play, getting a gun, and then seeing that stupid lock icon on it. I thought you guys would change it but I was ignored (Every single time I asked) it would make me and a lot of people very happy. I am STILL asking nicely and not over reacting about stuff like most of the forums. PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU. I just made a play today for a hunting rifle and AR, and I am NOT going to grind for 600 scrap just to use them. If you see this please respond, I want you tell me your reasons (At Least) of why you won’t get rid of the lock. If you can do it soon, I just want to play oxide normally. Best regards, :::
  4. Bruh, the devs work their asses off making this game, you most likely have never made a game in your life. I for one co-own a vr game and understand the difficulty in game development. Stop complaining in this miserable fashion or I with politely tell you to F¥€& Off ?‍♂️
  5. But it makes it harder for teams of people ten fold. Therefore everyone on the team has to spend hours grinding for scrap to do anything. The hacker issue will be solved but this item lock ruined the game for me (same thing with the bow nerf) this is the reason I stopped playing. ?
  6. I have not stressed this enough on this forum when it comes to these 3 things 1. Will you bring back the OG bow damage (Without it the game is just so much harder to play) 2. Please tell me you guys got rid of the lock on un-researched items (Again it just makes the game way more annoying, especially when playing with friends) 3. Nerfing the metal armor + med kit combo (You can be literally immortal) I believe you guys have heard enough about these issues but I just want to know for sure y’all solved em’. @Catsbit.Care Thank you for making a good game, Best Regards, :::
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    But then the servers need to have more players lol even with this map everywhere I go is just empty, even on a full pop server
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    Anti mod

    Make a mod menu? No lmao
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    Rust and Oxide

    It’s because they copied nothing from the game, and it is still VERY small compared to Rust, so Facepunch won’t care and even if they did they couldn’t do anything as Oxide doesn’t infringe on any copyright ???
  10. I think it has come to the attention that everyone is upset about the lack of news about the new update. These are some things I think should be improved upon, not only for the devs, but for the players themselves. First, @Catsbit.Care, I for one have worked on a game for quite some time and understand how long it can take to update it. But I really think that you guys should make some sort of dev log, as although it takes a while to get the update out, it will give people a sense of when it will be done. It will also give people ideas of what will be in the update, and will stop people from complaining about it. Now, for the community… I know all of you are tired of the lack of news and are getting bored. Just wait and give time to the devs. I know that it’s been 3 months and a lot of other games are coming out, but just stop playing, and just keep an eye on the forums to come back to it when the update comes out. Also, please stop with all the rude comments on the forums, it’s just mean and makes for a bad place to share ideas. I hope this shed some light about the rough situation we’re in. P.S. @Catsbit.Care Please just make a post about the update and what’s going to be in it. I get you guys getting mad because you get @ way too much, but trust me, giving people what they want (in this case information about the update) is what’s going to stop everyone from going crazy lol
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    Rust and Oxide

    They have no correlations with Facepunch Games and yes, they are making a pretty much “Rust Mobile”
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    Respect Developers

    It’s been 3 months… I had hope and I defended them but they have done nothing and haven’t even answered any questions about the update. That’s why we are mad. It’s because they tell us nothing about the update and when it’s gonna happen.
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    Fake information

    First, they still disconnect. Idk wut u mean by bypassing it. Also, sry man, this game would just suck with sleepers, and that’s MY opinion. They already said they wouldn’t add sleepers, so let’s just stop talking about as everyone is just arguing about it.
  14. The new stuff is broken and I haven’t been able to use it cause I keep dying to… guess what… FULL METAL KITS WITH MEDS lol. Yea, oxide broken
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    Fake information

    I just think that since people have to leave out in the open, then they will just loose all of their stuff. I hate people who dc and I have only ever done it against hackers. I want a timer so that you have to be in the menu for 10 seconds before you can log, so people can’t dc during a fight. Sleepers won’t work in a mobile game like this, so the timer is a better option. P.S. Why so toxic?
  16. Thx man! You are a real gem in the oxide community :):):) P.S. I don’t know how you make oxide into these epic movies but it’s awesome keep up the good work ❤️
  17. Dude… first of all, I have spent a total of 5$ for the Santa hat and nothing else, I hate the pay to win vehicles. Also, the only reason I am trying to defend the devs is because I’m holding onto hope that I can make an oxide video with my friends when the game gets better. And yes Welly, all your points are valid and I guess I’m being foolish. Just don’t make assumptions about me with the people we both hate. I’m on your side @Welynprint, and I want a better future for oxide, just like you.
  18. Welyn bro… it’s me! The kid who used to have ‘bow PvP chad’ in my bio lol. I don’t even play the game anymore, as I don’t like the lack of updates and hackers. I just believe that if we don’t harass them then maybe the update will come faster. I’m sorry man ?
  19. They are working hard adding a lot of things and moderators to make the game way better, also, instead of talking trash, maybe just stop playing until they make the update. I for one have tried and failed to make a game and understand how hard it can be, and they don’t deserve your one sided backlash ?‍♂️
  20. Oh ? sry man… I hate cheaters