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Found 4 results

  1. Hello dear developers I ask you to make an anti-cheat, because I have a lot of money invested in the game and I don’t want to play and just lose resources by giving them away, I ask you to make an anti-cheat so that cheaters cannot play with cheats, please do something with the anti-cheat, why do other games have an anti-cheat, but in your game, which has been around for 5 years, there is no anti-cheat
  2. I have a question why you just don't create protection against APK files "cheats", otherwise an anti-cheat that on the server can't cope with cheaters. Tell me what + from anti-cheat from APK files 1. There will be no aimers 2. - a bunch of cheats
  3. Allright, everything you need to: Fix, Improve, and ALL Bugs in-game 1. Anticheats: - Kick Players with PING above 222. - Jump sounds for fly hackers. - Better kick system and add Bans. 2. Improve (add) : - Swim sounds, jump sounds. - More hatchets (tools). - Remove hammer from Research. - More Monuments (constructions). - More Servers (Asian, African). - Disable Asians into different servers. - Disable Europeans into different servers aswell for others.
  4. Hello dear developers of the game sandbox 3d. I have 1 question for you... But first, to the problem. In Russian servers suffer very much in terms of players with additional features... That is, cheaters. We are ordinary players with Russian servers begging you, make anti-cheat please... For without Antichita, the game will simply die out in terms of Russian servers, but English and other servers can also suffer. Please make an anti-cheat. Thank you.