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Found 42 results

  1. Mateus Gamer


    What would that be? appeared here out of nowhere.
  2. Rocket atravessando paredes video disponível no YouTube
  3. After shooting with the rocket in some construction, the bullet goes straight as if there was nothing there, urgent fix, because it's impossible to play like that, the bug came after this update.
  4. Sometimes when I put a key lock on a door, it is placed but it does not appear on the door and I cannot interact with it either.
  5. Base protection is not working and I've ran into this bug alot and it's really starting to annoy me can you please fix this...
  6. I cant jpin to the server. After the ad, i got kick and then i trying again and again. After that, i got in to thw game but 10 sec later a got kick for no reason. And joining again, got kick again, joining again, got kick again. Spawn at random place, joining again, got kick again and again
  7. Screenrecorder-2021-12-25-18-30-26-639.mp4 Ao tentar entrar no servidor que eu já logado com o clã, notei esse erro de falha ao entrar. Obs: Já contruimos uma base do clã no servidor que tentei entrar, deu falha ao entrar no servidor com somente 30 pessoas no server. Celular • Xiaomi Redmi note 9 PRO • 6 de RAM • Snapgragon 720G

    Campfire Bug

    @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.created @Catsbit.Dev Campfire can be opened on an elevated floor. SCREENSHOT: VIDEO:
  9. Hybel's


    My multiplayer mod is not working on off-road forest how to play multiplayer
  10. When I put the furnace on it just disappears. I've tried to base it in several places and it continues the same way, I've reloged, reinstalled the game and it continues. It's EXTREMELY frustrating, I build my base, and when I go to put the furnaces, I can't. Waste of time. Does anyone know what to do?
  11. Dorito

    All Glitches

    The following glitches are things I wish the developers to fix. 1. Tree Glitch “Tree Raiding” When a tree is chopped down and leaned on a base, players can climb up the tree to get on top of the base. 2. Multiple Door Glitch “Door Stacking” When a player opens a door they can place an infinite amount of doors as long as all doors are open. They can close and open all doors. 3. Disconnect Glitch “Fall Through” When a player is on top of a base and disconnects or logs off then join back, they can spawn inside the base or below the roof they disconnected on. It does not work on bases near the middle of the map. 4. Foundation Glitch “Floor Glitch” When a player crouches under foundations and stands up they can see through the floor and interact with all objects within reach. 5. Underground Spawn “Underground Glitch” When a player disconnects outside of the water barrier above or in the water (Players can do this by standing on a base built passed the water barrier) and log back in they will spawn underground being able to see all trees, ores, bases, buildings and players but cannot move being permanently stuck forever. They can sometimes see other players who spawn there for a second and disappear. (This underground area could be the spawn all players start in when they join the server).
  12. When opening furnaces and cupboards the game is closing by itself.
  13. Sometimes the game would just freeze and kick me out it's really REALLY annoying is there anyway you could fix it? Record_2021-08-16-19-31-11_8ee7c4fda46bbb1a05472c1249dca647.mp4
  14. Long123


    Help I logged in 1 and found myself underground after leaving the game about an hour ago pls fix it DD:
  15. Hii, just watch the video clip ^^ not a big bug but its nice 2 know edit: oof the upload always fails so I'll xplain: I just found out that vehicles like the motorcycles or the Cybertruck r changing 2 other ones after u saved the map and rejoin. 4 xsample the blue and the black motorcycles r getting red. Hope I xplained well enough so u understand my problem. ^^