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Found 201 results

  1. Tiesamen

    Game dead

    No update Game so dead
  2. I posted saying that this is far as the game is getting developed and the developer gave up... why did you delete my post if it's not true huh buddy??
  4. plz ban it toxick aim hacker ID: 5CF1F3C4EF844421
  5. I wish they would realize that they are making playing the game literally a waste of time, even if you are the zerg of some server and have the best base on the server it doesn't matter, hackers will do everything to raid you . A base doesn't matter how good it is with the number of hackers, it doesn't matter what base you make, you're out and if in your base neither your things nor you are sure what sense the construction system has... They have to put an end to the spider hack and other hacks or your game will be a waste of time for those of us who really dedicate many hours to the game legally, the objective of the game is to have hacks since there are no administrators to simply control them, they are taking advantage and they are causing the true legal zerg to end up going to other survival games or end up uninstalling the same one and that the dynamics of the server is absurd if every 5 minutes you run into a hacker on any server you go to it is a waste of time to play right now for your legal users.
  6. Oxide 3.5


    Is update 80% done or 90% done ?????? @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev
  7. ID: 4C0114F888D9BDFE Why these hacker hasn't banned yet? All servers are hackers and update is coming for 4 months. I really want to know that,what are you doing exactly? Pls answer me and ban this hacker.
  8. Please ban toxic hacking ID: 552219D86482D684
  9. Oxide 3.5

    Catsbit team

    Hello catsbit team first of i wanna say im sorry for asking this question but i need to know could you please answer to my question so i don't have to log in every single day to check if you wrote anything about update can you just give us official date or expected date of relise becuse i have been login in since 23 of april every single day just to see when update is comming i didn't ask anything becuse forum is filled with those questions and they get ignored so please answer us
  10. How is everyone still playing game without no update?? Players are still reporting hackers, players still gaining/ farming for axeman/ miner rankings, im dropping on ranking list real fast, please help, I wana play!!! 💯
  11. TAKDAT

    No update

    How is there players been reported when update isn't out, and how is people still playing??? 🤔 🙄 I'm dropping in farming ranking real fast, was 8th spot before update, n now no update drop to 15th n still dropping, 😞 😭 😭
  12. Очень быстро передвигаются , ходят под водой, используют автонаводку! Они заслужили PERMANENT BAN!!! )
  13. Speed hacker Id - 4DC1221999A2601
  14. Aimkill, he killed 3 of us with ar in 2 seconds
  15. nikusha


    1 server 2 hacker aimbot plz ban it tnk toxic hackers ID: 7E5F964D65CBFF93 ID: 2FF8C7D212AC7CC2
  16. nikusha


    aimbot is disgusting his behavior he just shoot and hit in the head please ban him also he has a friend unfortunately i can't find his id ID: 2FF8C7D212AC7CC2
  17. I opened a discord server for this game. I just made the server by taking care of the site. I also think Discord would be a better platform. I will not share the server connection until I get a message from the authorities.
  18. One server hacker clan Please ban ID: 9D77D3FFEE0E7440 ID: EBDD329B62DE200 ID:14E7B148C1CF80D8
  19. He says you can't ban him because catsbit can't do shit was his words. He uses guided bullet and snapshot
  20. Aimbot! Cheater!
  21. 2 Cheater Please ban it ID: BAF389CA6628CDE7 ID: AA54E3FD4C46EFB7
  22. Hello @Catsbit.Care, we want know what is happening? Will complete 4 months since the game has been small update, and again and again the quantity of cheaters is increasing. You are suffering any update issue? Any problem in update to fix? I guess we deserve to know what is happening. so, another free aimbot mod apk is free, and again the fu** russian are using it by all sides. And again we lose hours, time, patient and desire to play, because we don't have answers and you only come to help error Report and question relationed to game shopping. so, whats happening? Will the update be released this month? or it will be delayed again? we are tired to suffer by spider cheaters and free aimbots. I hope you reply.
  23. Aimbot please ban it thanks ID: 7739C6CB7A275402