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Found 12 results

  1. Help me unban my account, I simply made a foundation bug and got banned, I'm level 8 ID:6B34009D46B62B6B HELPPP MEEEE HELP ME
  2. Hi developer


    How do you join a team??????
  3. Serv:15 Us F16AAB673F6A82DC
  4. сервер 73 айди 751DCA6E5B1C5F79 чит, телепортируется, летает в присиде, бьёт киркой даже без удара самой кирки попадает по голове в поисиде, спидхак
  5. сервер- 73EU айди DE6D4E99840F207D чит магические пули на видео видно как этот человек бежал в спидхаке хоть и плохо ну ладно есьь другие весомые доказательства и все на видео этот человек в приседе в пустил в меня 4 пули со стволом оружия опущемы в низ и пули не должны были лететь в меня ещё когда он развернулся и стрелял это уже по звуку было слышно его пули летили в меня хоть я и был у него за спиной
  6. На 97еu играет читер под ником BLAN SHEF(уже изменил ник) сравните айди, с видео , прошу забанить данного нарушителя его новый ник BLAN MARITT
  7. Dandanto

    Update now

    Hi cats but can you update the oxide just add the really secured that anti cheat will gonna work cuz some cheat are trying to update some new cheat like flying invisibility and imortal while flying can go through the wall pls update some anticheat really secured that who will use hack outo ban pls update right now plsplspls I always get killed by some cheater plsplsplspls pls and pls add land mine in the game and Ak 47 and some new gun and and add some chainsaw and add drill
  8. I requested an unban, a player reported me for killing him with lucky headshots, and he also shoots quite well, but he had a very large team and they all reported me and they banned me for that. I come to request an unban. Thank you for your attention my id is: BF637D5BD53FF8ED
  9. This guy uses AIMBOT and even sells cheat tools on youtube. NAME:ЙЁЙЛЙПЖПКЛО ID:4F1AF8580C46F89A youtube: This guy also uses an AIMBOT. NAME:Bonk_01 ID:99A761A8FB7AA70D
  10. I was banned by mistake, I was standing in my database and turned on and off the lights, I was kicked from the server for Cheats and when I tried to re-visit, this message is displayed to me ask you to unban my account because I spent a lot of time and effort to study the base construction rifle . If you spoil my statement and unban me , I will be very grateful . And yes, I ask you to keep a closer eye on Cheaters with the so-called aimkill My name in the game:ГоловачЛена my ID:I can't view my ID because I can't log in to a banned account I played in to 14EU#server
  11. Every time i try to update the game it stops at 100%