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How many times must I say banning ruins all games all people will do is spam report people and claim they are being racist when they aren’t doing anything it will kill the game

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Ok, lets get this straight, banning would be much needed and I have a way to make it better, I posted this in another topic but if you read it, you'll find this perfect for chat attacks,

banning would have to be a monitored thing, cause if someone were to just randomly report you for something you didn't do (such as harassment), you wouldn't want him to get banned for no reason, so what I would do if it were my game is setup a chat recorder and monitor the chat

 (the other upside to this would be that you can read or re-read older texts, the list would have to have a 30MB capacity to keep lag down)

And when someone reports someone for let's say harassment, the report bot would scan the chat and find the instance of the harassment, and if there's no evidence for the report, the reporter will get a pop-up saying something along the lines of

 "the person you reported for *enter report reason* was proven false. You have received a 1 day ban"

But for this to happen you would need something like accounts, so if the guy did do that, he can't go to the main screen and change his name, or even worse it ban someone with the same name who was innocent,

But for the accounts I'd do a name with none of the

 "that name is taken"

stuff, and you may be wondering

"then how would you determine the guilty from the not guilty"

Well I'll tell you, with numbers/codes,

Let me put it in an example,

If you make an account with let's say the name "bob" and you're the first one to make the account with the name "bob" your game name that appears will be "bob" but if someone were to view your profile, there would be a code to go with it, you would have a 10> digit code that would show right below your name, and that could tell someone so much, like they could find out which "bob" you were (if they memorize the code), also the person you would be reporting would be determined by the code (which you can't change), so no more worrying about the wrong guy being banned, cause that would be almost impossible, but the reported guy could change his/her name all he/she wants, but it's not gonna change the code, and the code is what gets you found...

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Probably should have chat logs so if the mods see a warning they can check the logs.

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