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    Add vending machine ,for Safe trade System.it will more Enjoyable specially for the fresh spawns, Also planting system to make for fun and not only farming and pvp, this will good for roleplayers, thank you???
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    Add three-angle foundations and half walls. More firearm types.Sachel and c4.
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    They should also reduce AoE range of rockets.
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    Estoy de acuerdo con @almasorg pero ya que se pueda comprar chatarra en la tienda mataría el juego por completo. Se volvería 100 % pay to win y arruinaría la experiencia de las personas que no tienen los ingresos como para gastarlos en un juego. Una cosa para agregar al comentario de @almasorg es que en ves de hacer eso q creo q sería mucho problema es que puedes pagar y tener tu server privado y que te dé la opción de hacerlo público o entrar con una clave solo para tus amigos.
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    Is there any way to add a few more roleplay items? Fireplaces rugs barbed tabels and chairs stuff in this purely visual based items that add depth but wouldn't need for a drastic change in the way the game is fundamentally played just to add a little substance while the rest of the deep content is tried tested and created.
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    During the course of a few days I have noticed a significant amount of bases subcum due to rocket raid. Now it's not even like we have raided them properly we have hit in a generally "close" area to the tool cupboard. Due to the low health of these TCS they can die very easily making a well designed base fall to a lucky rocket that didn't even break the walls of the room containing the tool cupboard.
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    This game needs to have team chat, because in the global chat you can t say code, and some informations that are just in the circle od the team. Btw anticheat is working perfect now?? keep it up and you will see the results...
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    Hello, I'm here to suggest you to add triangle foundations and roofs, that will be a game changer. I hope you will do it soon, and we all will have fun playing it.
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    Add new channel where we can share videos related to this game means gameplay/ tips and tricks shorts clip etc
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    Hope you grow more and opens ASIA server too
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    If you add 15 second from the moment you log off to when it takes you out of game this will hinder folks from logging in combat now the down side is if you lag our but that's not frequent enough you may get some upset folks about dieing cause they lagged but for hard PvP players this would have best of both world able to continue progress next day and prevent combat logging.
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    I believe a way to combat the high damage of rockets is to either of course patch their damage and splash damage output.. and or add explosives that take 30 seconds to make and use 100 gun powder(5minutes).. and takes again 2-5 (10mins 30 seconds upwards to 27 minutes 30 seconds)explosives to make one rocket this would allow bigger bases to be build new players to get a foot hold and encourage players to build up store loot and even do more eco raids.. then you could see major battles and progressions making these maps intense PvP zones it's a thought for sure because currently most bases are raided quickly by rockets because functionally it's easy to make these rockets and having no wipe which is fine because it's Small player base and not that intense you could easily get away with increasing the grind needed and the metaphorical ceiling of the game by having rockets a more scarce resource.
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    make it that u need 5 seconds to desconected so that players can't run from fights Don't add sleeping yet cuz we need deconecting for us solo player getting raided with 1 rocket cuz the rocket damage u inside ur base Specially with the current rocket cost its so easy to get rockets and the splash is still broken And we need it for cheaters as well So adding sleeping before fixing the rocket splash And 100 % fixing the wall fazethrough will just kill the game
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