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    for the people who don't know. Ping is the amount of milliseconds it takes a packet of information to reach the server from you and back. Basically it's a measurement of connection speed, and it influences lag quite a lot. a High ping means it takes a High amount of milliseconds for a packet of information to send and receive. so the lower you're ping the better.
  2. So… more times than I would like, I have overwritten the wrong map. Half the time It was just because I was going too fast. But the other half was caused by the fact that, there is no way of knowing witch map you have selected for deletion, The prompt just asks you… “Do you really want to overwrite this map?” What map?!? How on earth, can a person with a small screen be sure he hasn’t pressed the wrong button… Answer: He can’t! Witch is why I think you should include the name of the selected map, in the prompt. Something like this… the word overwrite is in red and in "" because it can be replaced with the word delete when needed. Regards. ?
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    also... the people you are mad at... are not real hackers they're kitty-scripters, mod'res, cheaters, .etc... the real problem is... the people who decompile the original APK, change a few things, compile it, and then post it on a buggy vires infested web sight, were stupid suck-up kitty-scripters download it... so they can have a fake feeling of power. making an app non-modable is pretty much impossible. I'm not saying it can't be done, but its hard
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    I've been waiting for an update for 14 hours, I need some serious help. :((
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    I don't think you guys understand how hard it is to make a game on a deadline. game development is hard, and sometimes bugs will appear out of nowhere. once I made a game. I thought it was flawless. when it came time to build and export the game, it wouldn't build, when I finally fixed that problem, I tried to run the game, and guess what, it would just crash for no resign no matter witch device I ran it on. long story short it tuke about a week to get it running on my laptop outside of the game engine. so give them some slack. they deserve a little more encouragement. look at all the games they've delivered. they're not just gonna drop this one. be patient. ?
  6. Nyacinth: "to anyone who doesn't understand the English language and its nuances" no He is right. I still have trouble understanding English sometimes. I still spell English like "Inglish". thankfully. (*Auto-Correct*)...
  7. it's 13+ as far as I can tell but seriously just leave him alone. google forces game devs to add an age limit, in the terms and conditions agreement for games with violence, and any sort of chat. if someone under the given age is playing we have to assume he has permission from an older person and is being supervised. because catsbit can't ban him even if they could do some kind of IP ban. all the kids goto do is set up a proxy, and he's back in da game. Catsbit has no way of banning people. in fact nobody dose, not even big companies like google. and right, now that kid is laughing.
  8. dis is why I shouldn't blow up at people, before hering there side... XD
  9. if u do disagree, I would like to hear why, everyones thoughts matter.
  10. "um?" wdym umm yes they should be considered. do u disagree... if so, why?
  11. I like this idea, its free, its already available, and it doesn't infringe on peoples privacy.
  12. I'm pretty sure that those assets are on the unity asset store, and therefor anyone can use them.
  13. your version: I really don't like the fact that this gun only has one iron sight. and no- don't tell me its a red dot. because red dot sights are taller!!! and also there is no way you could pull that trigger. even if u could It would be really uncomfortable. so please make a new one. because for a gun icon, its missing a lot of really important... important... ??stuff??... ??things??... idk... you get the idea. something like this my version: its got... a good trigger, a better handle, both the irons, a cut it the top for ejecting cartridges, and it looks more gun-ish. ~ß❖ß
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    Fnaf skins

    i'm pretty sure that's right protected. by thees guy's ScottGames, Lionsgate Games.
  15. when you play a game and you use a text box... there is no way for someone on they other side to find out how old you are, or your gender, but once you add a voice chat you have lost that privacy barrier. that might be what he meant??? just keep in mind that no matter how harmless and pure something may seem, people will always find a way to corrupt it. ~ß❖ß
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    Server Admins.

    that's a beautiful graphic. nice job!
  17. true but every once and a wile a TGT dood, joins a server, and spams TGT nuke lag junk so technically there alive. even tho there hated, they just go under different names.
  18. look bro I know how annoying it is when someone destroys your server before you get a chance save. but banning is not the fix. you can't just give people the unbridled power to ban left and right. people (toxic selfish people) will abuse that privilege, like always. if there was some kind of voting system, ware if someone were to get enough points against them they would be temporarily blocked but just a simple proxy would render this useless. a real solution would be... drumroll pls......... !!!<<<unreadable, properly compiled, encrypted scripts>>>!!! ~ß❖ß
  19. So here is A couple of ideas that may Allow you to raise the number of blocks that can be placed. #1 You give every block a number depending on how many Polys it has (how complex the 3D model is) for example. Basic wall = 1 Car = 4 Lamp = 3 Window = 2 Floor = 1 Ceiling = 1 Door = 2 And the you create an [] and you make it so if u build a block with the number 3 it + 3 and if u delete a block with 2 it - 2… if [array] is = to or ^ then (“some high number like 3000”) then block limit reached is = to true. #2 Also you could add another limit to objects like cars… Car#9 - limit per player = 15 #3 You could also optimize your assets a little bit more. #4 People in the past Have already Mentioned this but. you could have a little warning that tells the user that a server Has a high poly count, and that older phones Might not run very well. something like this… (“just so you know this map has over 1000 game-objects, and you phone Really won’t like that. you can continue but don’t say we didn’t warn you.”) #5 One other option is to create an alternate version of all the assets that aren’t textured (Just one solid material), and just have a toggle in settings that switches between the normal ones and the simple ones, #6 I’ve also seen this in some games where when you shoot a wall and it leaves a texture on it and after you shoot like 15 times It will keep on deleting the oldest one. you could do this in your game, except instead of bullet holes you can make it work for things like cars and motorcycles, where after you place like 15 of the same kind it just deletes the oldest one. so there will only be 15 at one time, but a player will not have to walk back and delete the first one so he can have a car. I know that you want this game to work for everyone (and not just the people with fast phones) And I respect that! Thx hope something here helps. ~ß❖ß