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  1. Oh I see so your boss put you to this any devs reading this guy works for srs and tgt he’s only saying this so he can get ri of our clans so his clan can rule the game
  2. Tell me who u are tell me what I did to you what’s your gamer tag u won’t talk to me about it I was all about talking this out but ur starting to annoy me
  3. U want to know why I’m “toxic” matey it’s because people wanted me that way so I gave it to them is that an answere ink boi is it how about u try to save a game from being dominated by a toxic garbage clan and u will see what needs to be done to do so stop talking garbage about my clan and stalins clans I’m being formal with this comment
  4. This is really pissing me off I’m not a bad guy tut came from survival sim so I heard trying to rule the game I’m trying to stop them I don’t know who you are and what I’ve done to piss you off but your really kicking a hornets nest
  5. Don’t tell me about friends quitting do u know how many of my friends have quit due to other people all you do is talk shit if I find out your gamer tag you will be wanted damn you
  6. Shadow fox

    In-game money

    not sure exactly how it works but I know you get money by playing just make friends and do stuff you should get money unless it was changed
  7. Shadow fox

    In-game money

    And logging in daily isn’t one year so stop being dramatic
  8. Shadow fox

    In-game money

    That’s already a thing
  9. Um no and that RETARD wasn’t at you so how about you suck off your mom you damn polish cunt
  10. What because I called a RETARD a RETARD.
  11. I think you should be destroyed
  12. how do I bully by opening recruitment servers and trying to recruit people or destroying the srs clan that is brainwashing noobs you just don’t understand that I’ve done nothing wrong
  13. Sfs is evil don’t listen they will ruin your game experience avoid them or help the cause to destroy them for the greater good of sandbox
  14. Sfs literally brainwashes you’re new players of the community and that’s not a lie I’ve seen it happen they make them loyal to their cause and nobody else even betraying old friends and raiding them this clan is the true evil this is the one thing me and Alex agree on
  15. A vr headset for a 3rd person sandbox.....
  16. And I’ve done nothing racist to anybody thank you very much if anything I’ve been the least racist witch may sound ironic but it’s the truth all I’ve done is try to help the community of this game I only raid when people provoke me first I only insult when I’m provoked so that makes me the bad guy here right?
  17. I’m republican have the police find me idc
  18. Retard USSR,Nazi and other clans are helping to get rid of the bully clans stop talking trash about the clans doing nothing wrong
  19. I can see srs doing that but USSR kicked you because you talked trash about them and you talked trash about me and u will pay for it bye now
  20. Lmao your game is going to die if you don’t just watch then the community will take it in our own hands if you won’t help
  21. Alex btw Stalin says your a bitch and go to gulag
  22. How have I lost fool this war has just begun you have made a powerful enemy you cannot win against I never stop I never quit you will lose so help me god you evil sadistic being
  23. Alex is the one calling people the n word hypocritical kid thinks he’s 17
  24. You do realize don is racist srs is racist shr is racist I haven’t said the n word once! Alex calms me a ni**** all the time for no reason and I’m white he’s not even black he says that but yea sure I’m obviously bad guy here the Nazi clan of sandbox has done nothing wrong