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  1. They'd need to add boats though, and what is a boat gonna do on desert map?
  2. Yes, just yes. Devs tho gonna hemorrhage blood programming it
  3. Well maybe when they add a rpg cars will explode?
  4. We need ads about sandbox 3d, ways for people to learn about it. And not those shitty game ads, but an honest one. On a side note, maybe make a "global chat" option in servers, where you can talk to people from other servers. Still, yall need ads
  5. Alot has changed from 2020. Nazis and soviets have attacked. A major change I see is rp has fallen. A good side effect is sex servers are down. Despite what most believe, I hate sex servers. I preferred the bars. What we need though is a way to combat people who are in clans. My idea is a armor system, which can be bought and equipped like weapons.