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  1. yes there are so many hacks that i switched to prime server but nothing changed
  2. We bought a prime server to get rid of the cheats in eu8, but we still encounter the same table.
  3. CiBO


  4. Bu hızlı uçan ve koşan oyuncuyu videoya kaydetmeyi başardım. Aynı zamanda eu6'daki tek aimbot'tur. Ve her gün hile satın alıyor. Dipnot: Kazakistan'dan birisinin yazım hilesini geliştirmiş.
  5. CiBO


    Bu oyuncu surlarımızdan uçma hilesi açarak geçti. Sonra aimbot ile bizi öldürdü. Sunucu eu 8
  6. CiBO


    This player killed me with my stuff on me. Then I decided to go to the place where I was born and die and expose this player, and this is the result. He is a Russian player and uses cheats against Turkish players. Server eu8
  7. CiBO

    Speed Hack

    My teammate also said it went through walls.
  8. CiBO

    Speed Hack

    Speed Hack Youtube Link:
  9. CiBO

    Update News

    Bu güzel haber için teşekkürler ?
  10. CiBO

    Update News UPD

    I'm checking to see if it's coming 50 times a day, for days now the only problem in my life is the oxide update.
  11. Language support should come from countries with a large number of participants playing this game. If you need help with Turkish language support, I will voluntarily translate the words for you. I wanted to make such a suggestion because it is my own language and there are many Turkish participants.
  12. Players need to take damage when they get to the top of the High Wooden Wall.
  13. CiBO

    App Store

    Apple mağazası güncelleme ile ilgili bir geri bildirimde bulundu mu? Bizi son gelişmelerden haberdar eder misiniz? Çünkü gerçekten sabırsızlıkla bekleyenler var.