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  1. Add the option to gift prime to Friends. So we can buy primer for others. And also make a Prime BR server. Thanks!
  2. When you ban hackers then they make other account and the cicle repeats again and again. Ban IP Adress! This maybe Will not stop all hackers cus VPNS, but will help so much. Thx
  3. This user has AimKill hack. All people in server US 11 are reporting him and he's still on server killing everyone with AimKill. Please, ban him.
  4. Los servidores BR 2 y 3 no están. Por qué?
  5. Jut

    Important Poll

    That's so fake. Look at the most famous game of this category "Rust" or for exaple "Last Island of Survival" or the new game coming "Proyect Evo". Sleepers are the solution for pvps and raids, cus people disconnect when they are about to die or in raids they disconnect with everything and that is what is making the game not growing up.
  6. Jut

    Important Poll

    The real big problem that you should change: people can disconnect in front of your face with all the loot. And when you raid a base that happens too, there is nothing inside bases cus people disconnect with everything. You should change that, make the avatar lie down on the floor when people disconnect like they were sleeping...
  7. Hey, I am Uruguayan so I'm so sorry for my english. 1-Drinking water from the sea/land ? 2-Raids/Pvps: When you disconnect, body should lie down like sleeping and not disappear. Because raids are not profitables 'cause people disconnect with everything and in pvps too. ? 3-An Idea for your Game economy: currently, the store offers special items only on special dates and then the store disappears till next year on same date. So players maybe dont play too much all year and they leave the Game; but they wanted to buy the special stuff before they leaved the Game... And that si money that you could collect but you didnt. My idea is: Dont delete the special items and wait one year to put them back again, just keep them on store and when the special dates are coming again, put new items. So the store gets bigger, its atractive, it keeps the motivation and espectative of people on these dates, and you guys can get more money all year and more on special days so you can use it to make the Game much better. Thanks.
  8. Jut

    Copter Bug

    Nop, I did it and It doesn't works
  9. Jut

    Copter Bug

    Hi there, I added lot of Scrap and metal fragments to the cupboard but my Copter is keeping decaying... Can you tell me why? Its a bug? I try with different cupboards, all positions, etc but it doesnt works....
  10. Hey, this Bugs happens to me in all servers and my Friends too. It happens when you disconnect into or near a base idk why. You only can be unbugged getting killed or if the base you are get raided. Pls fix this cuz it is happening since too many months... Its very very hateful.. Sorry for my english I am from LATAM xd