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  1. furkan.12222


    Igot banned again but idc i wasen't even using hack i was farming some scrap to unlock revy xdd ??
  2. Hi i found a aimbot hacker got it on vid and his id i will later send the hackers team id hacker id 4744BC316337A536 Team who team up with hackers AB40D7AE70481ADD friend 6955224ED0124A3C friend
  3. Hi my name is fur4an.777 Id 37A1A2DFE5307D2F Change it to furkan.007x
  4. I saved points and from the points i got dollars for every 100 ponts 1 dollar i saved i buyed and its goneeeeeeee ?? if u want i can send a pic google play points from there ???
  5. They didn't send me the receipt brooooooo ???? bruhhh i saved so long for that just to be gonee ????
  6. Hello i didnt get it on video but i buyed copter joined game it dont show up on crating i exited the game rejoined i saw at wehre you buy copter it wasnt purchsed ????????? Pls help ???????? my money not there its just left me with only 1€ ????????
  7. Hello oxide can u pls make santa hat 2.8$ cus thats what i obly have plss
  8. Can u make santa hat 1$ pls ??
  9. I was banned by mistake i was farming and a player came ì shoot him with ar it hit hin head and got banned pls user furkan. 12 i spent alot of time in that game if u can unban me i will be so grateful thank you.
  10. Hi i got banned i shoot someone from far away and it hit him and got banned why user furkan. 12
  11. Hi igot banned i was just farming sulfur and metal and igot banned idk why so many players are getting banned pls help user furkan. 12
  12. My brother was playing on my acc xD he told me that u killed him with hacks too?explain
  13. Hi this guy can get into bases witch is wall hack and aimbot pls i got it on video