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  1. yes, today i went to test the server based in Brasilia and saw that some players were being kicked. 3 minutes later it was my turn ?
  2. Great news! Now we hope to solve the anti cheat that is abusing players.
  3. Akbar

    Poll: Voice chat

    in my opinion, disable voice chat until I can further optimize the game.
  4. Akbar


    The game didn't let me back in time and my base was destroyed for lack of resources.•́ ‿ ,•̀.
  5. Akbar


    Funny thing is I built my base and left the locker with 2 hours of resources, then the game kicked me out and I spent those 2 hours trying to get back to my base before it collapsed.
  6. Akbar


    I think the most annoying thing is being teleported to a random place on the map. We could stay in the same place when we get kicked out!
  7. Akbar

    Ant Cheat

    VN20211226_100853.mp4 VN20211226_100853.mp4 VN20211226_100853.mp4 VN20211226_100853.mp4 VN20211226_100853.mp4
  8. Akbar

    Ant Cheat

    I noticed today that the anti cheat is not letting anyone play in peace, you are banned from the map or from inside your house and when logging in again the player appears in a random location! •́ ‿ ,•̀
  9. so we received the update as a christmas present, very good! I will download and test.
  10. It's hard, but try taking a screenshot of it on the wall or making a screen recording to catch it in the act!
  11. if only the private messages were viewed. I sent something important and I think it's already created spider webs there!
  12. But they should make it as difficult as possible for the cheaters to change the game and gain an advantage.
  13. good that you managed to record, players are also complaining about: (Doritos) and (bbhh)
  14. Akbar

    Amazing ideas

    Efficient way against invaders that break through your walls ¯\_(ツ)_/¯