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  1. Which means Catsuit would probably have to make a stronger anticheat in CS And SB3D
  2. It doesn't happen in Sandbox 3D, and SwiftGamer(The person who made these mod apks) can't change it because no one would fall for it because they would have the previous one.
  3. When the update happened the quad still worked it was just size and color was fixed.
  4. Having 20 members is not much even though i have only 3 members i don't really care how much or small i have you are not the biggest clan in sandbox Ok idk why i said that but ok
  5. I agree glitches are for the weak pvpers who don't know how pvp works
  6. Plus why would you just spread it to the world no one cares you are just a attention seeker especially when you made your last forum post no one cared about it