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  1. Hello genuine question here, why can’t we raid the vending machine. If it’s unlockable on the workbench shouldn’t we be able to raid it? I’ve try and it won’t let me access the loot inside even after putting my own cupboard down. Isn’t the whole point of the game build, defend and raid. If the machine is not raidable then it should be in the safe zone only.
  2. 68D7303A4616D04E Hacker using aimbot and speed hacks. Link to video below https://youtube.com/shorts/6p8EVBiu3VM?si=o03SC59oZLLkoQlz
  3. Why have no one respond to my report as yet … people who spend money in game and have issue should get help. I made a purchase in game for some coins and didn’t receive it .. I was charged for it.. someone please help