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  1. Можете прислать подтверждения?
  2. Hi, Please provide us with some video record.
  3. Попробуйте загрузить на ютуб и выложить сюда ссылку. Или написать нам вк в личные сообщения
  4. Banned for intentional using of bugs.
  5. Hi, Do you have some record with him flying?
  6. Banned for intentional using of bugs.
  7. Hi, Thanks for writing on the forum and describing your problem. I understand your disapointment. Sorry, this game is about survival, players can be rude to each other, that's the game. At the moment I banned Hentai which you managed to record. As for the others I see no reason to ban them. We are working on many points to get rid of cheaters in the future.
  8. Thanks for describing this issue. Unfortunately, there's such a problem and we will try to handle it as soon as we can.
  9. Catsbit.Care


    Good question. Maybe you have found a reason yourself till the moment this problem appeared?
  10. Thanks, but these servers just will be down with 70 players, we are thinking about purchasing better servers