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  1. @Catsbit.Carei can't join any server ,please change my name .check your DM .
  2. clone


    @Catsbit.Care when you gonna fix the game bugs?
  3. clone


    @Catsbit.Care i hope you remember this ?
  4. clone


    Please add more slots in cupboard
  5. clone


    @Catsbit.Care He is using this bug to kill players
  6. clone


    @Catsbit.Care Cheaters in EU 8 Speed hack 20220314-1_720p.mp4
  7. clone


    Speed hacks EU 8 20220312-3_720p.mp4
  8. clone


    @Catsbit.Care Using speed hack Server EU 8 20220312-2_720p.mp4
  9. @Catsbit.Care Using speed hack Server EU 8 #KOSHMAR# Aleks V2 20220312_1080p.mp4
  10. clone

    Ban ?

    @Catsbit.Care EU 8 Using foundation glitch
  11. Cheaters in EU 8 20220219_1080p(1).mp4 20220219_1080p.mp4
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    Using speed hack Server eu 6 20220210_720p.mp4
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    Why can't I places the window ?
  14. Just put any other object in the disappears object slot
  15. Hi , pls fix these It's an unskippable add come my screen get stuck 20220131_720p.mp4
  16. This is not a glitch it is a pain for me
  17. @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev Dev's it's being to be a month you haven't fix this glitch . 20220129_720p.mp4
  18. clone


    Dev if have time plss check personal messages too ^_^
  19. I have noticed that it some time happens due bad internet connection. Rose Try to play some other games like pubg , pubg new state etc and see it you face any problem there if yes you have problem in your internet connection .I have tried pubg new state i was facing connection issue and when my internet got good , i have not face this ad glitch issue.
  20. Will there be server wipe too?
  21. clone


    Is it due to bad internet connection or something else ? 20220120-1_720p.mp4
  22. clone


    Using hacks Server US 19 20220120_720p.mp4