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  1. Live in US. EU server I was trying to join has ping of 180 to 200.
  2. XRecorder_Edited_22012022_102418.mp4 Having issues connecting to EU server US server works fine but EU has this weird issue everytime.
  3. We have the same issue in Eu server. Players entering top of our bases by flying inside somehow, we believe they are entering bases that don't have top roof on. Please fix this so anti anti cheat can detect players flying!
  4. I have the same exact issue I paly in Eu server and I'm in U.S why is this happening and how to fix it ?
  5. KingCAPO

    Server wipe

    Add scarp to store for purchase .
  6. Agree and include scrap for purchase as well
  7. KingCAPO


  8. KingCAPO


    Add scrap in purchases
  9. Include scraps for purchase