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  1. Players : Unknown? Gelo Cruz Server U.S.9 Reason: Racism in public chat N word. Spamming Chat with N word .
  2. Player's are quiting our server due to the cheaters destroying there bases or using hacks to gain advantage in game. Please need your immediate attention @Catsbit.Care
  3. This player is causing chaos in our server. Please review and ban as soon as possible. Thank you.
  4. Cheating player Daniel2009 speed and fly hacking. In EU8.
  5. I have friends on that server that quit that server because of all the hackers. It's just to much.
  6. Player Rusheb server Eu8 he is hiding inside the foundation of this base. XRecorder_Edited_18022022_154423.mp4
  7. Here XRecorder_Edited_18022022_135135.mp4
  8. Player b0rrsh in EU8 speed hacking and flying. Only caught him doing the speed hacking when I dc and relog and he was there. XRecorder_Edited_18022022_135135.mp4
  9. We have had issues with this player speed hacking and fly hacking in eu8. Daniel2008 . The video is him openly admitting of using hack and admitting to speed hacking. Daniel2008 SpeedHack.mp4
  10. Sorry to hear your having hard time playing. Try and team with someone or join clan in your server. Playing Solo is very difficult.
  11. Best to keep the pvp system same as is. Pvp using skill . If you add any type of aim assist. Hackers will abuse this system and this game is still in beta state and will exploit it and make more work for developers to correct and the anti cheat system still need more work.
  12. KingCAPO

    AD Removal

    That's what I mean. Add feature to remove ads permanently usually you have to pay.
  13. KING IRAN SPEED HACKING eu8. He has been causing chaos in our server using hacks and going into players bases. I only caught him with speed hack. XRecorder_Edited_17022022_071957.mp4
  14. Add way for players if they want, to donate for the for development of this game.