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  1. You were a very informative and helpful person throughout the Oxide Survival Island Community and thank you for all your hard work and effort and that you have a great retire ❤️
  2. When I try to buy items from the store on my other device [Different Account]. It says i have already purchased it and says you can get it for free. I understand that it is only for the account i bought it in but I would like to buy it for another account.
  3. Hi I have posted more videos but they have been hidden for a few days now. Just wondering if you have seen them or something.?
  4. FullSizeRender.MOV FullSizeRender.MOV
  5. Server: [Eu] [0.3] Oxide #8 Player Name: B0rssh Papa h1gman Cheats: Speed Hacks Video/Evidence: Posted below this post
  6. This is more proof for RASUL.MUZIK* FullSizeRender.MOV
  7. This Is more proof for #KOSHMA# FullSizeRender.MOV
  8. Server: [Eu] [0.3] Oxide #8 Player Name: RASUL.MUZIK* RAHIM.MUZIK* #KOSHMA# Cheats: Speed Hacks
  9. At least I’m doing something more helpful than you. If you are here to just tell me then shut up because you have no reason to reply.
  10. All armour pieces and sets have a durability bar but it does not get affected or go down in anyway possible. If you do implement the durability of armour I would suggest: Wooden Helmet = 100 Hit Points, Bone Helmet = 200 Hit Points, Leather Helmet = 300 Hit Points Wooden Chestplate = 200 Hit Points, Bone Chestplate = 400 Hit Points, Leather Chestplate = 500 Hit Points Wooden Leggings = 150 Hit Points, Bone Leggings = 300 Hit Points, Leather Leggings = 400 Hit Points Wooden Boots = 100 Hit Points, Leather Boots = 300 Hit Points 1 Hit Point = 1 5.56 Bullet (Damage/Hit)
  11. Dorito

    All Glitches

    6. Chat Glitch “Chat Enlarger” When a player is using an anvil and another player spams use on it the chat will say “Already in use”. The more they spam the larger the chat gets and it will stay that way until you disconnect from that server.