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  1. Maybe… build some walls around the boxes? Lmao
  2. :::

    Fake information

    I literally said sleepers are B A D ?‍♂️
  3. :::

    Voice Chat Glitch

    Okay thanks
  4. :::

    Voice Chat Glitch

    I don’t know if everyone is having this problem but certain devices can’t use voice chat and I was wondering if you (the devs) could fix this. I really wanted to use voice chat sense the start of this game and haven’t so it would be nice ?
  5. :::

    Add unconscious

    I think you mean “Downed players” and not sleepers and yes, it would be nice ?
  6. I think we need prim weapons to do more damage so people aren’t prim locked. Also, medkits should take time to use like in Rust, so people can’t just spam them ?
  7. I’ll be farming scrap then some metal kits come and harrass me, and since I can’t use the bow as a viable weapon, I have to run and stay prim locked. So yea ?
  8. Yo we cool man, Ur awesome ?
  9. But… then wut the purpose of the wipe?
  10. Yes but trap should only be allowed in someone’s build perms so no one can spam them ???
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    I agree with everything but replace the autoturret with a shotgun trap cause that would mean we could make real trap bases. Also ***AUTO TUTET*** ?. Cool man ???
  12. 10 second log off system ? Good ✅✅✅??? ?
  13. EVERYTHING IS PERFECT… except the first one, aim assist or giving guns Even More damage isn’t the answer. But good ideas for everything else ???
  14. Soon, or I’m like 2-3 weeks, or months, or years… idk, but the devs have been cooking something for a while, stay tuned ?
  15. :::


    Glitch, which the devs should fix soon, or maybe the cold? But negative 95 lmao, that… doesn’t seem right…
  16. :::


    Healing items like bandies and meds. For fueling the vehicles, and will soon have other uses.
  17. :::

    Shotgun Traps

    They can be researched next to metal door for 150 scrap and will be like 10 shot to full metal and shot as fast as normal shotgun. (Uses normal shotgun shells) Wdyt?
  18. :::

    Fake information

    I agree, but the lasers should only be seen by mods or something cause it would be kinda op tho. Yes we should have combat timer until the hackers are dealt with. Also, everyone hates people who dc and the people who hate it dc as well. It’s just a part of the game I guess. Good idea man ???
  19. :::

    Fake information

    They have said this multiple times, 0% ?‍♂️
  20. :::

    I have an idea

    But a marker for your base is a good idea ?
  21. :::

    I have an idea

    Yes but no tp, people would just tp away from fights and would leave no challenge to making it to your base alive
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    But they only wipe on updates, so they couldn’t as update aren’t consistent
  23. Facts and no problem man, have a good day ?
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    Yes to everything but we need more players per server. ???