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Found 103 results

  1. Томик:)


    Здравствуйте меня забанило на сервер номер 83ЕУ ник Томик:)) прошу меня разбанить играю без читов Мой айди;A24F93AB00A88298
  2. Id 5D482E1109F5F2BF nik SIKTIM OLDÜ Speedhack!aimkill!Help Evidence
  3. Я искал металлолом и наткнулся на хакера-волшебника, который попадал практически в каждый выстрел. В этой игре обычный игрок не может сделать 7 бросков и поразить 6, в то время как другой игрок быстро движется, пытаясь убежать. Я не назову это геймером, это хакер iD 88CFBDBFC50D689C Имя Видео на YouTube Oxide help me pls Link:
  4. Hacker, ban please🙏🙏 magic bullet I'd 31BB2E3E0CF9C7E9
  5. 8D9C94DCB1938206 Pls ban cheater with aim, speedhack 16 lvl in 95 EU 8D9C94DCB1938206
  6. ID:3B1A1757AC5409B7 NICK:T.O.Tŧŏř Revolver killing 30-60 m Aim-magic bullet shoot in head 40 m
  7. player id:B015089310F222A1 player nick: сперманина ban this player his used aim kill, speed hack and other..
  8. beka

    96 server

    577742C5F67FB723 lider his clan magik bullet
  9. player id: AAF4FAEE6F60971C player nick: me WT(?) his player clan member used speed hack wall hack fly hack, aim kill magic bullet.
  10. F04C625B6D19D242 Thats is id number hes hacking with aim bot please ban
  11. amirzhan


    6 EU server ban pls 432AD68B129A3917 1F0B9C100AC8DFF0
  12. Читер убивает с Дробаша, так же у него оскорбительный никнейм
  13. Salvador


    Hacker [BR] [3.0] SERVIDOR #1. 1612999964C0D36A VOLTRON HACKER BR#1 HACKER VOLTRON-1612999964C0D36A
  14. Hello, dear developer, you accidentally banned me I don't play with cheats here is my ID: A8C4DDBD288EBF5 and my nickname: [DS]klnkklnk. I play in the north 52
  15. 🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪 llo, today I was blocked while I was not playing, please unban my account 🙂 my nickname : ¥20FPS¥DEMON 🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪
  16. Hello please go check server us 27 their are so many modders on the server I'm trying to start a YouTube channel that promotes your game please help here are some ids you should check D81035DBC7CED05 CB73C793EFC7E0C EF691D25B96D80D8 A2AD6BF3CD7693D CB070E6895ADE1B 17CB8006788B399A 7203BB2793FE67ED D28F24A76842691E 2A39BE11A1AD4999 6801407CFCB2F28 6909C0238F6998FF 9BCDC2E40F584ED EAEFDE83FC45A34 88ABF551C34A81BF 16584A4077611DF5 3C10E71BEAF19CE8 26A2A2BD17654DF4 53BACEFED0A11549
  17. Plis ban 6BAEC74C195C2ADF Reason cheater aim
  18. Y2 Svatoi CB73C793EFC7E0EC He is modding and keeps killing me
  19. Please go to us sever 27 and clear out all the hackers theirs alot been playing for 24 hrs and these are the ids i found cheating i wanna play the game right in trying to do you tube videos D81035DBC7CED045 CB73C793EFC7E0EC EF691D25B96D80D8 A2AD6BF3CD76938D CB070E6895ADE1B 17CB8006788B399A 7203BB2793FE67ED D28F24A76842691E 2A39BE11A1AD4999 6801407CFCB2F28 6909C0238F6998FF 9BCDC2E40F584E7D EAEFDE83FC45A334 88ABF551C34A81BF 16584A4077611DF5 3C10E71BEAF19CE8 26A2A2BD17654DF4 53BACEFED0A11549
  20. I've been playing for a while and I keep having problems with hackers using aim bot wall hacks climbing up walls or speed hack and I report them everytime I see it happens but they never get banned so I made a list of all their IDs for you if you look at how many times they got kicked you'll know their modders 375C5BFE1A05DB22 F6CCB8B6EC7A8669 C5FA3574F2019587 FE09CAE990D9286A 56B5D3419E1A1409 4158D867B0D7CE9F CC1E82884017A53C C3083F01BA57F758 BE2464DD80D5124C 3C3EC42045772B2B EAEFDE83FC45A334 EA7E83993DFD2C43 5C869C2597BEEC6A E3959470469D5E31 68FF7FC511FA0908 Btw this is all on one server server 27
  21. Player TINKOF) CITER