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Found 456 results

  1. ID:A372ABD793423092 SV:US20
  2. Aryak

    Video proof

    Hello dear @Catsbit.Care I am very very sorry but I'm not Agne ues cheating please unban my ID 3E1BACEE41383D88 Anyway give me time
  3. Hey admin iv been posting of this hacker level 15+ many Times but no reply watch the proof and thanks you 🙏🏻 ID : 3AE3A9F4169BE89F
  4. Id:391791752D77046E Суть жалобы: magic bullets Видео пруфы:
  5. Level 9 Hacker aimkill proof with vidéo killed 3 people in 1 second with rev Id 9D5C66CF0976BE0C
  6. Torrets can kill enemy with 15 ammo... +ak47 with scope selinciator🙏😍
  7. Hey admin Can you ban This hacker climb thé wall Id : 3AE3A9F4169BE89F Proof
  8. You got to look at US2 its full of hackersadmin Can you accepte m'y post thanks you! 7BB9AF087D3576E4 921B7A4F34507DEB They using aimkill croush climb
  9. Hacker US 2 level 15 climb Id : 3AE3A9F4169BE89F Proof
  10. hackers are taking advantage of name change, they change their username to your friends users or people you are allies with and then kill you or trick you, please put a limit on how many times you can change your name like 3 times, or make it have a 1 or 2 week cool-down to change your username, or make it so you have to buy a name card change in the item store to change your username.
  11. Please remove the indefinite date and give an exact date. I have purchased a Prime server account and I don't want to lose my money. Please specify a specific date for this banned account. Name: ارههههه I'd: 411715411A2AFB31 Thanks you so much
  12. Sv: us35 (prime) ID: E0A8E62C0BB11F5B
  13. Dyаnnе


    Зачем был придуман запрос на разблокировку ,если вы его не смотрите!?
  14. Your bot blocked me by mistake [Please unblock my account. I did not cheat and your bot banned me for no reason. Please unblock me. I also bought the prime pack and spent on your game and I'm not stupid enough to cheat!!] Please unban Thanks I'd: 411715411A2AFB31 Name: ارههههه
  15. id :D241493AFAB08E5B Please ban
  16. ID: 518A3057C5D6A03F ID:2AD222104681F630 FAVOR BANEAR A ESTOS HACKERS @Cuidado de los gatos
  17. ID: 63E6BD579C9CIA6 SV:US20
  18. Читери есть ЕУ#24 у него ник:Кавказчек