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Found 33 results

  1. Kovax


    Why does my helicopter keep disappearing???????
  3. These guys are a huge thorn against everyone running around with aimbot and using spider hacks to climb over walls or on top of bases it’s just not fair they need to be banned asap! I only have photo evidence as can’t seem to get video evidence on. But in the image u will see 2 HACKERS on top of my base where no normal person would be able to get to so they both need to be banned so people can enjoy the game again.
  4. Video proof: Id:25452721DEB9105E
  5. Cheater 10 Us server Use aim kill and speed hack ID:14D03AEED1EE322
  6. Hacker 10 us server Use aim kill and speed hack ID:3565FB32219191F5
  7. Hacker 10 Us server Use aim kill, magic bullets and speed hack Hacker 14 lvl ID:C4DC038B3EF3EE0A
  8. Hacker 10 us server Use aim kill and magic bullets ID:4958BBA38BC99438
  9. Hacker 10 Us server Use aim kill and speed hack ID:D4BD7B305A34BD67
  10. Hacker 10 US SERVER Use spider and speed hack ID:14D03AEED1EE322
  11. На 21US сервере играет игрок 14уровня, использующий сторонний софт, SPIDER MAN, AIM KILL. ID CB24CE54143711B9 Прикладываю доказательство proff Примите пожалуйста меры
  12. Cheater 10 US Use aim kill and magic bullets ID: 214335170052E937
  13. На 21 Сервере играет читер 12 уровня, использующий сторонние софты, убивает с AIM KILL id 176AC21D68F290FE Видеодоказательство Примите решение
  14. Skin armario armas cama y armadura helicóptero para 5 o 4 personas por favor
  15. A cheater kills everyone without being watched. Please help and block him
  16. cheating aimbot kill me .me survival and cheating kill me the bedd room id:261301F7E2501F85 PLIS BANN
  17. Jame$1


    Do us all a huge favor catsbit play your own game for a day to see how bad the hackers really , turn off admin mode /god mode . Use a name that does not say ,Catsbit .. and just play your game for 1 day and see how it goes , try to unlock everything on the tech tree for your self . Then build a small 2x2 base with wall and see how far u get before hackers make you rage quit your own game . ……
  18. report this player i drop his id and the proof server #US8 the player not enjoy the game because of cheat please do something visit to the server us8 and banned all cheater, thankyouuu
  19. GravityBait

    Bug Ban

    Plz help me I get ban I didn't do anything pls unban me I think it's bug plz unban me