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Found 40 results

  1. Hello, Someone spoofed my identity and contacted you about the account they stole from. He took evidence from me, even a photo, and deceived my identity and said that I stole the account from him, but I did not do that, and I have proof that I transferred purchases from my iPhone account to my Samsung account. My account has been banned for no reason. If my account is not unblocked, I will have to return the purchases ID:4DFE82C0B2B45B8C please make sure to reply with my respect
  2. I admit that I played with extraneous programs, this will not happen again, please do not ban me because I have invested so much in this account, I apologize to all the players I have harmed, I regret very much what I have done, this will never happen again my ID: 6F5B5CAFED52383F I'm sorry catsbit
  3. Hacker using aimbot with revolver ID:9379DB03A9CF8C41 Sv:Us 4 Video proof:
  4. ID:4947909F60ADAF63 SERVER:US20
  5. Hacker us 6 Fly hack Id:2B445A0E156CA65C video prof
  8. 9F0A59DC0EC11B1E nickname [КС] НАЙК He use aim bot I had his back, he gave me his head 4 times without looking at me, he is a hacker!! Please ban:(
  9. Cheater 7 eu, uses aim kill PLEASE BAN ASAP ID:5FE01B18664CD8C8
  10. Hacker aim kill us 35 prime Id:6B36ED48CB0B6EC3
  11. ID3E4A79907E3FC5A0 SERVER:EU104
  12. ID :647B3B1A2694B156 Hacker Aimbot #US 35 Prime
  13. Ninjaa


    Hacker in us7 lvl12 ban plss video proof 934DBA2103ED9CDC
  14. Hacker in us9 I'd E84F32C962B9ADED
  15. sv: BR 3 ID:4B75BFA97C469CB6
  16. Hacker on 95 EU server ID:953B515CF592183B
  17. Ninjaa

    Hacker us9

    Hacker climb wall and magicbullet Video proof I'd 5D7BD574B62F20EB
  18. ID 1699D275C0425B1E Video link
  19. ID:3D5D2239F1CD73A8 Sv:EU25 Aim kill
  20. US4 AIM KILL id:35F8007DCF7A7327 name: [LOX] PIVAS lvl13
  21. Данный человек играет с читом и у него 9 лвл вот доказательства и айди читера ID:F3689D53946A5308 Доказательства:
  22. Id1:D3EF0CCFA3A88E9E Id2: F2541FAED3577290 Id3: 2C9A142348AC5081 Id4: 4DB848DB498EF439 Id5: BE6F5230A047D4DA Id6: 9A529EA0A6B08865 Id7: D0ECAACE6EFCD899 Id8: 8EB908AA13BFC160 Proof:
  23. İD:EBB239921EDB11AB Sv:Eu8