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About Me

Found 39 results

  1. I admit that I played with extraneous programs, this will not happen again, please do not ban me because I have invested so much in this account, I apologize to all the players I have harmed, I regret very much what I have done, this will never happen again my ID: 6F5B5CAFED52383F I'm sorry catsbit
  2. Hacker using aimbot with revolver ID:9379DB03A9CF8C41 Sv:Us 4 Video proof:
  3. ID:4947909F60ADAF63 SERVER:US20
  4. Hacker us 6 Fly hack Id:2B445A0E156CA65C video prof
  7. 9F0A59DC0EC11B1E nickname [КС] НАЙК He use aim bot I had his back, he gave me his head 4 times without looking at me, he is a hacker!! Please ban:(
  8. Cheater 7 eu, uses aim kill PLEASE BAN ASAP ID:5FE01B18664CD8C8
  9. Hacker aim kill us 35 prime Id:6B36ED48CB0B6EC3
  10. ID3E4A79907E3FC5A0 SERVER:EU104
  11. ID :647B3B1A2694B156 Hacker Aimbot #US 35 Prime
  12. Ninjaa


    Hacker in us7 lvl12 ban plss video proof 934DBA2103ED9CDC
  13. Hacker in us9 I'd E84F32C962B9ADED
  14. sv: BR 3 ID:4B75BFA97C469CB6
  15. Hacker on 95 EU server ID:953B515CF592183B
  16. Ninjaa

    Hacker us9

    Hacker climb wall and magicbullet Video proof I'd 5D7BD574B62F20EB
  17. ID 1699D275C0425B1E Video link
  18. ID:3D5D2239F1CD73A8 Sv:EU25 Aim kill
  19. US4 AIM KILL id:35F8007DCF7A7327 name: [LOX] PIVAS lvl13
  20. Данный человек играет с читом и у него 9 лвл вот доказательства и айди читера ID:F3689D53946A5308 Доказательства:
  21. Id1:D3EF0CCFA3A88E9E Id2: F2541FAED3577290 Id3: 2C9A142348AC5081 Id4: 4DB848DB498EF439 Id5: BE6F5230A047D4DA Id6: 9A529EA0A6B08865 Id7: D0ECAACE6EFCD899 Id8: 8EB908AA13BFC160 Proof:
  22. İD:EBB239921EDB11AB Sv:Eu8
  23. ID:84D2C7328E130EF1 ID:8099FE8CE1A326E Proof: This team is cheating, dear administrators, 2 people were banned, the other two escaped the ban by leaving the game, they changed their names and continued playing, translate what is written on the keyboard, it says "get out of the game quickly, change your name", I hope you will agree with me.