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Found 11 results

  1. Hacker kill 3 my friends and me please banning #Hacker server us 5 Hacker:govno228 #hacker mother facker😡🙃🙃🙃🙃
  3. Server 15ey, kill me - aim bot. ID F2DAED32465AFE3C. Plase me BAN.
  4. Is hacker aim bot raifels kill me an farind in SRVER 5 US PLEASE BANNING HACKER PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ?
  5. Please ban toxic hacking ID: 552219D86482D684
  6. ID: 4CE31BA6A4BD1D5D It has auto AIM, before filming it killed me once in a few seconds and I was full skin plus Foul language on the microphone.
  7. Все пули у этого игрока летят в голову!
  8. dfg


    клан софтеров я играл на EU43там нас убивали софтеры мы не могли выйти из дома сразу убивали за 1 секунду я бы показал видео ну не получается отправить сюда дайте им бан пж их не банять уже который день
  9. NAME: DIMADOG ID : 2CB3C98A3E5ED729 Server: [EU] [0.3] Oxide #86 I was killed by DIMADOG in a few seconds, while I was running and I was also full metal at the beginning. It has AIM Hack. I ask an Administrator to be a Spectator on it.
  10. CaPoNe97

    AIM Hack

    This player after server #86 has AIM HACK, please an Administrator to put a spectator on it, I didn't get to film it because it killed me, it kills all the server.