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Found 42 results

  1. 🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪 llo, today I was blocked while I was not playing, please unban my account 🙂 my nickname : ¥20FPS¥DEMON 🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪
  2. Ok so I'm getting kicked for suspected cheating for no reason at all Im not angry im just aggravated cause I can't even play the game please fix this P.s this game is the best rust simulator on the app store
  4. Ник- ActEz Айди не помню я использовал баг на прыжок
  5. When will they fix the bug with donat transport for which I gave money??!!? For kicking me when I get out of the car
  6. All things disappeared, I was kicked and suddenly I went in and I don’t have the resources that I got (12000 wood)
  7. Здравствуйте я не знаю что происходит на сервере 36 ЕU на кординатах Е5 там тупо тебя подкидывает и ты в прыжке умираешь от какого то падения + иногда и кикает проверьте это место я там 2-3 раза умер на видео видно как подкидывает
  8. FFG

    I can't play

    I want to change my name to FFG, how do I do that
  9. Good Morning/Evening, Catsbit I can't run Oxide in this new version 0.3.10 alpha because of a certain bug. My device is requesting a fixed version of the game to fix the bug. Many players are affected by this bug and are frustated. kindly fix this problem as soon as possible, Thank you!
  10. Good afternoon, the server is not working, please repair it because the players' homes are rotting
  11. On the EU #1 server, a player named Idinahooi enters the floor area of the house and shoots other players. It is impossible to see because it is inside the stone wall. ID: 778AC35A9760F1
  12. Jut

    Copter Bug

    Hi there, I added lot of Scrap and metal fragments to the cupboard but my Copter is keeping decaying... Can you tell me why? Its a bug? I try with different cupboards, all positions, etc but it doesnt works....
  13. Здравствуйте, после обновления только 1 слот под предметы в шкафу. Не могу положить сразу камень и дерево. Пофиксите это пожалуйста!!! Hello, after the update, only 1 slot for items in the closet. I can't put stone and wood at once. Fix this please!!!
  14. Hi, I'm having problems accessing the Prime server among other servers, but Prime is what I care about the most, because I'm creating content for my videos on it, in addition to having paid to use it. I've already tried clearing cache memory and clearing data, installing and uninstalling the app, as well as deleting all friends from the friends list and the problem remains. Apparently whenever I disconnect inside a building, even if it's mine, as long as it doesn't get destroyed from walls to ceiling (through decay or someone raiding), I can't relog with my Server account, it cost me over 400 of burnt sulfur. I was only able to reconnect after the entire base had decayed and they had already raided. I'm sure it's not an internet problem, because in the same video I show that I can log into a server with a Ping higher than the Prime Server. I ask for your help to resolve this situation, because as it is, I have become increasingly discouraged with the game, supporting hackers from all sides and now this problem is complicated. Grateful. The video is having trouble uploading, so I'll be providing the video Vídeo: link. Username: NettoBR0
  15. Us server 4 isn't responding and is over thrown by hackers Needs moderated and patched plz and thank you Screen_Recording_20220825-002207_Oxide - Survival Island.mp4 Screen_Recording_20220825-002207_Oxide - Survival Island.mp4
  16. "this field is required" ?
  17. :::

    Collision Bug

    Dear Catsbit, I have recently been having trouble with the new collision system you guys put inside of the update. Whenever you are up close between two objects, you will hover in place and not be able to move. I have lost countless hours and resources due to this bug because people would just look at me and shoot me in the face. I hate getting stuck here. This happens around the toilets inside of the gas station, boxes inside of the town, and ramps that lead up to foundations. Please fix the collision system. I can’t take dying to even more bugs. Best regards, :::.
  18. panrojo

    damage bug

    Hi, I've been playing the game for approximately 3 months now and I love it and one of the most fun things is the pvp and it's one of the things that is done the most in the game so it would be good if they focus mainly on that for a better playing experience , for example in fixing the damage of the rifle (it does not do damage), the diley that has the bow and the spears (which when pressing the button takes a thousandth of seconds to launch) and that makes it more difficult to aim. It is also good that at the same time they take care of the hackers and then the bugs, but I think that would be the main thing. I know it can take a long time but as soon as possible would be the best to enjoy the game even more. And with regard to the locker, it's fine that they don't want to increase the boxes, but they could increase the maximum number of materials that can enter a locker, instead of 1,000 it could be 2,000, 3,000 or 5,000, but it would be better if the players could be free with it. foundation theme. And finally, it would be nice if there was a tutorial for new people because without one, they may not understand the mechanics and eliminate it. Thanks so much for reading (if you don't understand something, excuse me, I'm using the translator)
  19. no, not because I die, I join a server and all items I had before that just go into the backrooms
  20. I builded a house and crafted sleeping bag but it does not make me spawn in the house. Tested with 2 dying possibilities (suicide and by boar)
  21. Every time i try to update the game it stops at 100%
  22. Ayer despues de un reinicio del servidor, no puedo volver a dentrar a el servidor (usa oxido #12) Pueden arreglarlo por favor
  23. Hello, I'm having problems accessing servers, this problem has been happening for over 1 month and until today I couldn't solve it, when I try to make the server list appear, this message simply appears: "ERROR - Failed to refresh the server list! Please try again.", as shown in the screenshot. I've tried clearing cache memory, clearing data, uninstalling and installing the game, but nothing worked. I would like your help.
  24. US 3, the user snikers_77 has been using the stone bug.