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Found 9 results

  1. My nickname is: pasha_popa. Hello, dear developers, an error occurred, I entered the game today, after a short gameplay, I entered the game from the second account, transferring resources from it, I went to on the first one mentioned above, I saw that my account was blocked, there were donated things on it such as santa hat and helicopter, i run a youtube channel where there is video proof that i didn't use cheats. Thank you for understanding. []
  2. Ana m3

    Err game

    Game kick me from servers and teleport me? fix that
  3. Caslu

    nickname error

    hello I'm here to help my friend who bought an iPad and put something in the name that is giving an error when entering the server (he doesn't know how to use the forum) so I'm there for him new name: F0G0
  4. cuando entro a un servidor y aparece el anuncio y no carga y no puedo entrar al servidor espere 15 minutos y nada no cargar
  5. Please change my nickname on Angelwep IMG_3102.MOV
  6. Hi, I'm having problems accessing the Prime server among other servers, but Prime is what I care about the most, because I'm creating content for my videos on it, in addition to having paid to use it. I've already tried clearing cache memory and clearing data, installing and uninstalling the app, as well as deleting all friends from the friends list and the problem remains. Apparently whenever I disconnect inside a building, even if it's mine, as long as it doesn't get destroyed from walls to ceiling (through decay or someone raiding), I can't relog with my Server account, it cost me over 400 of burnt sulfur. I was only able to reconnect after the entire base had decayed and they had already raided. I'm sure it's not an internet problem, because in the same video I show that I can log into a server with a Ping higher than the Prime Server. I ask for your help to resolve this situation, because as it is, I have become increasingly discouraged with the game, supporting hackers from all sides and now this problem is complicated. Grateful. The video is having trouble uploading, so I'll be providing the video Vídeo: link. Username: NettoBR0
  7. Dear Members of Oxide survival If you encounter the following issues with Then I'm sorry to inform you you are unable to play with your current username. •This because of the following reason, -Your username contains a forbidden character. For example : smiles If you wish to play again notify your User ID + username you wish, Below this message and @Catsbit.Care or @Catsbit.Dev will change it for you. Greetings xAnony ?
  8. TopoR_YT

    Login error

    Не могу войти на сервер !!
  9. Cuando entro al servidor que llevo un gran progreso me sale la pantalla trabada con los controles y me saca, y después tengo que empezar de nuevo en otro servidor es muy estresante perder todo lo que llevas acumulado.