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  1. Neto BR

    Update 2023

    Já que esperamos por cerca de 7 meses desde a última atualização, porque não completar um ano esperando outra? Hahaha Brincadeiras à parte, é imprescindível que a @Catsbit.Care nos dê um prazo para o lançamento da atualização, até por uma questão de respeito aos seus usuários. Tenham uma excelente noite! ? Since we've been waiting for about 7 months since the last update, why not complete a year by waiting for another one? Haha ha Jokes aside, it is imperative that @Catsbit.Care give us a deadline for the release of the update, also out of respect for its users. Have an excellent night! ?
  2. Neto BR

    Update 2023

    Ansioso pela atualização, qual seria o prazo máximo para que ela esteja disponível para todos? ? Looking forward to the update, what would be the deadline for it to be available to everyone? ?
  3. ESSENTIAL Modifications: -> Armor life decreases as damaged, as well as axes and weapons; -> Increase the cost to produce rocket launcher ammo; -> Add time to respawn in beds; -> When the player disconnects, his character remains lying on the ground with all his items. PvP would be much more fierce and fun. -> Increase the health of walls and ceilings, to make it difficult to raid through walls and ceilings that currently have the same health as doors of similar level (Example: Wooden Wall and Wooden Door = 200 HP / Stone Wall and Metal Door = 400 HP / Iron Wall and Armored Door = 800 HP), this will revolutionize the way of raiding that currently just choose any wall and fire the rocket; -> IMPORTANT: IN MY OPINION, ALL THESE MODIFICATIONS ABOVE CAN ONLY BE MADE (MAINLY DISCONECT), IF THERE ARE NO HACKERS ON THE SERVER AND THE HACKERS THAT APPEAR ARE BANNED IN A WAY THAT THEY DO NOT CAUSE MUCH HARM TO PLAYERS. Additional Modifications: -> Addition of new places to farm as well as the factory. These are my ideas for the game, I believe that with them there would be big changes in the way of playing. Thank you for your attention. ?
  4. The error persists, unfortunately. I use rogphone 3
  5. Hi, I'm having problems accessing the Prime server among other servers, but Prime is what I care about the most, because I'm creating content for my videos on it, in addition to having paid to use it. I've already tried clearing cache memory and clearing data, installing and uninstalling the app, as well as deleting all friends from the friends list and the problem remains. Apparently whenever I disconnect inside a building, even if it's mine, as long as it doesn't get destroyed from walls to ceiling (through decay or someone raiding), I can't relog with my Server account, it cost me over 400 of burnt sulfur. I was only able to reconnect after the entire base had decayed and they had already raided. I'm sure it's not an internet problem, because in the same video I show that I can log into a server with a Ping higher than the Prime Server. I ask for your help to resolve this situation, because as it is, I have become increasingly discouraged with the game, supporting hackers from all sides and now this problem is complicated. Grateful. The video is having trouble uploading, so I'll be providing the video Vídeo: link. Username: NettoBR0
  6. Hello, I'm having problems accessing servers, this problem has been happening for over 1 month and until today I couldn't solve it, when I try to make the server list appear, this message simply appears: "ERROR - Failed to refresh the server list! Please try again.", as shown in the screenshot. I've tried clearing cache memory, clearing data, uninstalling and installing the game, but nothing worked. I would like your help.
  7. Meus amigos, esse problema está acontecendo com quase todo mundo, a Catsbit aparentemente não está entendendo, mesmo com vídeos demonstrado o que está acontecendo, sempre acham que ou o jogo está desatualizado ou o ping está alto demais... Decepcionante, mas acredito que em breve eles resolvam, enquanto isso, tento logar 5x no server e se não funciona, vou jogar outro jogo.
  8. Of course, it is always up to date. Now in addition to these video servers, I'm having a problem with more servers. As the new video I made shows, the problem is only with some servers. 2021-12-28-03-11-18.mp4
  9. Hi, I have this input problem on these two servers, whenever I log in to them, this video situation happens. When I try to log into this server [EU] Oxide #10, the following information appears: "Outdated version. Please update your client to version 0.2 alpha". As shown in the print. I would like your help, thanks. 2021-12-26-02-56-49_1.mp4