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  1. Hello, I'm having problems accessing servers, this problem has been happening for over 1 month and until today I couldn't solve it, when I try to make the server list appear, this message simply appears: "ERROR - Failed to refresh the server list! Please try again.", as shown in the screenshot. I've tried clearing cache memory, clearing data, uninstalling and installing the game, but nothing worked. I would like your help.
  2. Meus amigos, esse problema está acontecendo com quase todo mundo, a Catsbit aparentemente não está entendendo, mesmo com vídeos demonstrado o que está acontecendo, sempre acham que ou o jogo está desatualizado ou o ping está alto demais... Decepcionante, mas acredito que em breve eles resolvam, enquanto isso, tento logar 5x no server e se não funciona, vou jogar outro jogo.
  3. Of course, it is always up to date. Now in addition to these video servers, I'm having a problem with more servers. As the new video I made shows, the problem is only with some servers. 2021-12-28-03-11-18.mp4
  4. Hi, I have this input problem on these two servers, whenever I log in to them, this video situation happens. When I try to log into this server [EU] Oxide #10, the following information appears: "Outdated version. Please update your client to version 0.2 alpha". As shown in the print. I would like your help, thanks. 2021-12-26-02-56-49_1.mp4