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Found 10 results

  1. Speed hack and followed my exact movement a meter away from me Got me to 1 hp mohamed8809/56EAF1E6DF3A9C0C Could you guys make a account for yourself in game that we can contact if we see a hacker. And that people can request To be an admin, and in case a hacker tries to become an admin, Check account's of requests.
  2. Removal of the android side of the game and only leave apple, since android seems to be where the most people are able to get around anti cheat , and have more excessive hackers.
  3. Ребят,Oxide и Survival Simulator классные игры,почему бы вам их не обьеденить и добавить фишки oxide в survival simulator или наоборот,oxide сделане на основе survival simulator и думаю данная идея не будет очень сложна,очень хотелось бы увидеть в игре три вкладки:Общепользовательские сервера(т.е ваши как в oxide),Пользовательские сервера,Приватные пользовательские сервера. Надеюсь вы услышите мое предложение,ведь в смысла в двух практически одинаковых игр нету?
  4. 1. Fix some bugs like getting stuck on stairs or somewhere else. 2. New guns like DB (dual barrel shotgun), tommy gun and explosives like C4 and granades. 3. New armors and cosmetics. 4. Safe zones on gas stations and on city that nakeds dont get killed very easily. 5. Easier to get resources like using a jackhammer or a chain saw. 6. Better anti-cheat like insta kick when using aimkill or aimbot. 7. More moderators in this game so the hackers can get banned easily. 8. Log system where u can see invalid shots or more stuff. 9. Bandages and medkits. 10. Better graphics and sounds. 11. Better animotions like running. 12 Better enemy ai. 13. More animals like chickens, wolf and horses. 14. Can hit with spears, because its annoying to only throw them. 15. Anti-disconnect on combat. 16. Easier to get cloth. Thats all.
  5. Идеи для игры 1. Прицел тыпа х2 х4 и тд ток сделайте для прицелов отдельную сенсу 2. Больше сенси что ето 2.0 ето мало очень 3. Урон сделайте почти как в survival simulator а то бля смысл дробаша в близы? 4. Новые детали в постройке 5.убрать киянку из Крафта зачем нам искать пол карты 100 скрапа для киянки за чего 100? И за то что верст 50 и киянка 50 6. Оптимизация ночи и захода солнца очень фпс падает 7. Новые рт коло пляжа и тд 8. Лестница 9 сделайте когда ты на воротах дамаг был 10. Сделайте чтобы не падали з высоты 3м и не тратили 60 хп 11. Хил бинты и шприц 12. Розблокировку оружие а то кланы из 8-20 человек изучают винту за час или пол часа и смысла тогда играть не вижу когда идут 3-6 человек з винтой а ты с луком ------------------------------------------------------------- Ideas for the game 1. Sight type x2 x4 and so on make a separate sense for the sights 2. More sensi what is 2.0 is too little 3. Do the damage almost like in a survival simulator, otherwise what's the fucking point of drobash in close quarters? 4. New parts in the building 5. remove the mallet from Craft why do we need to look for the floor of the map 100 scrap for the mallet for what 100? And for the fact that versts 50 and mallet 50 6. Optimization of the night and sunset very fps drops 7. New rot colo beach and so on 8. Staircase 9 do damage when you were at the gate 10. Make it so that you do not fall from a height of 3m and do not spend 60 hp 11. Heal bandages and syringe 12. Unlocking weapons, otherwise clans of 8-20 people study screw for an hour or half an hour and then I don’t see the point in playing when 3-6 people go with screw and you with a bow
  6. It would be great if they added more areas with loot and more ways to get scrap and cloth ? by the way very good game I look forward to the next update ❤️
  7. So you want people to play your game well PLEASE tell us when you’re sending outta an IOS update? Like I got kicked off one server that I was doing well on because it needed an update. And now the second one I could use I can’t now because of an update. So when are you giving us an update? Any correspondence would be nice.
  8. * When we stop a player so he can't delete things, next time he enters again at the same server continue him to not be able to delete things, unless owner allows him again, so when the owner disable him from delete things in his server, be permanent. It's so unfair and it makes people so sad and angry when random people enter the room and start to delete everything like the houses that other players did and other things they puted effort and spent a lot of time to create !!! * Make the system more safe because there are many hackers who get in a room become owners and kick everyone out and destroy everything! Something must be done for this. Thanks for your time ?
  9. 1. Add friends feature so we can add people and be allowed to follow them at the room they currently are and private message them. 2. Add more things to be able to be build like things for shop and office. Thing's with water like fountains, pools and so on. Things for parks like benches, trees, plants and a lot of flowers. 3. Add tropical island map and items! 4. Have some events or jobs people can earn money from, like delivering pizzas and unlock special decoration from completing events. 5. Have personal phone with our contacts in the game so we can easily private chat and find our friends being already in a server. 6. Be able to have pets. (Only in peace mode !!!) 7. Add more things to customize our avatars ! Clothes, hair colors and so on. We need a lot more items to customize our avatar !! 8. Add the feature to make us able to customize the starting screen and not being in jail. 9.Make option available to create role-playing servers so before entering we can choose roles to be displayed under our name above our avatar and have special costumes. Thanks for your time and I really hope to see the friends feature!!! ?
  10. What skins should be added, and provide either a vivid discription or a picture