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Found 15 results

  1. nikusha


    aimbot is disgusting his behavior he just shoot and hit in the head please ban him also he has a friend unfortunately i can't find his id ID: 2FF8C7D212AC7CC2
  2. Please ban he uses aimbot ID: DB2A85FAFBA094C7
  3. nikusha


    hello It uses aimbot and is toxic please ban. Server EU 44 ID: 11074B21CCE17BFB
  4. Сервер 23,бесконечные оскорбления в сторону родни,буллинг и унижение начинающих игроков,прошу забанить игрока навсегда
  5. Name:Sargent_pepp and Sargent So this Players was being toxic Sargent and Sargent_pepp is the same Idk if what is his main So Catsbit I would like if u would Ban them both
  6. Username:Gelo Cruz and Axden
  7. Jisphy-_- killed me then when i said why you kill me he started saying horrible things and being racist he said you crying
  8. Jisphy friend got angry when I Reported his teammate And even bullying some people here is proof,Axden is blaming me that it's my fault and stop reporting and I'm cry baby I got proof of him bullying someone,I didn't got a proof when he was bullying me cause he knows I'm taking a screenshot so I went on alt and I saw him bullying others
  9. this guy killed me while im lagging and bullied me that im so bad at the game and being so arrogant name is Jisphy-_-
  10. FC9001XG


    Santi29 Ia a hacker and toxic please ban him literraly i got a loot soooo God and he's come and kill me Whit him hack BR 0.3 3#
  11. Me caza cuando yo y otros jugadores me llaman "diskabooba",coche",bautiñss", "Zombie6271 (yo)" esto necesita detenerse. No puedo obtener recursos, no puedo hacer la casa, no puedo disfrutar del juego y cuando yo estoy en el servidor br o eu, él me sigue y yo estoy en todos los servidores. Prohibición por favor por 3 semanas,
  12. There's alot of racists and sexist people, and even pedophiles on the app. Why isn't there a report button or ignore button yet? I know you can mute the player but they can just leave and rejoin and they can speak again. And you can only mute them IF you have owner. Why hasn't this been fixed?