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  1. Bueno, solo digo que no sabía que Catsbit no tiene dinero. Subiste por eso. @Catsbit.Cuidado at least if you can't make another server you know you have to make a bigger map right?
  2. Catsbit All servers are full you have to put more server like 15 more servers but from [US] this time not from [EU]
  3. Now you won't be able to play in the new update ??
  4. the same i say the same i say ( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)
  5. I was finally waiting for an update to come out thanks Catsbit now I'm happy ?
  6. Hay 2 piratas informáticos en el servidor 11# de EE. UU. No pude grabar al otro. ¿Por qué se me acabó la batería? Por favor, Catsbit. Quiero que estos piratas se vayan.? ??????? https://youtu.be/iBaXpIDdwQc 8475894CE10271B
  7. Pov: We need a Triangular Wall you forgot xd @Welynprint ???
  8. Sorry for the misspelling but my translator sucks ?
  9. You say it why you have money I don't if Catsbit put at least the plans of the triangular house at least it's something true account work just make a Triangular wall let's see if Catsbit in December can do something xAnony don't take it wrong but @Catsbit.Careful [He's lazy] like @Catsbit.Dev I don't remember the last time they surprised me anymore if Catsbit thinks I'm the only one who thinks ask the YouTubers if my ideas aren't what they want
  10. WoW I thought this update would be more amazing if more I remember xAnony that the halloween update will add more new things not fix the bugs