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  1. I noticed someone didn't read the text properly.
  2. Ok, i seen you on forms lately
  3. Will you continue playing this now? I might play during my free time.
  4. 4 types of snowmobiles: •Cheap, low quality, 1-4 storage slots and fuel source like low grade or any other liquid fuel source. •high costs, high quality, 4-8 storage slots and fuel source same as this one^ •Cheap, low quality, 1-4 storage slots and uses electricity for it power and ect, this one won't have solar panels because its a Cheap version to the high one below this one. •High costs, high quality and 4-8 storage slots uses electricity and have solar panels to recharge it self at day time. NOTE: From materials and on ARE examples. Materials: •Cheap version: 50-75 metal fragments 1 small chest. For the solar panel one; 1-3 glass and 1-5 wires. •High version: 75-125 metal fragments 1 ½ small chests. For the solar panel one; 2-5 glass and 3-7 wires. Unlocking in the tech tree: Cheap version: 350-500 scrap High version: 500-1000 scrap Health: Non electric ones: •Cheap one; 450-750 •High cost one; 750-1250 Electric ones: •Cheap one; 400-750 •high costs one; 7250-1250 Up to this^^. Thank you for reading this!
  5. Eheh I could start playing again but why should I?
  6. Yes, please add it. Its annoying collecting water.
  7. Please add these, will be very useful
  8. 1 I was building 1×2 place door and tc then next to tc furnce lagged so I dc and rejoining. 2 went to go chase someone to kill them but then got kicked for cheating 3 walked back to my base and tried to opened the door got kicked I also lost my stuff in a different server from the anti cheat didn't bother me tbh.
  9. Happened to me while I was chasing someone then got kicked spawned somewhere different walked back to my 1×2 with tc and door tryed placing a furnace after I placed tc lagged and had to dc (Eu5)
  10. Got that twice, I just close the game and open it again and play on the same server if say again just refresh and repeat if so
  11. ? Edit: I used Google translate
  12. Yeah bigger maps might be better
  13. 100% need to be added might be a chance it will