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  1. 2 players with hacks on us 3 please ban ANYBODY, TheSamër. FullSizeRender.mov
  2. IMG_7219.MOV People are leaving the game because of hackers , I hate to ask but when will it end . The name of the person in the video is on top of the list he has multiple accounts also , and at least 2-3 other hacker friends all with Chinese names on US 3 !
  3. Jame$1


    The hackers are almost to bad to even play let’s pray this anti cheat comes soon , with the speed hack it can also be hard to get them on video sometimes ??
  4. Jame$1

    We're back

    I wanna note this man right though I haven’t played in almost a month because hackers , basically farming for nothing sooo decided not to farm/play all together used to be fun , hopefully fixed in the next update . on top of that hopefully we don’t have to wait a year for the next update !
  5. Jame$1


    If we could have an option of a simple vehicle in the next oxide updat with the option to fuel up the same or even purchase gas at the gas stations for wood ? , along with a bigger map ?
  6. @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev @Catsbit.created  A lot of us wondering if we could get a confirmation of the update and what will included , is there a release date ? 

  7. Jame$1

    Server wipe

    15 days is way too short of a time for a complete reset, especially when it takes multiple days just to get enough scrap to unlock the whole research table .. to begin with !!
  8. Jame$1


    @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev So it’s kind a hard to see but here is proof of a hacker “noxus.xit.” That can apparently run 100mph and fly thru walls , in the video you can see him in frame before I shot at him and then jus flys out of Frame , everyone On US server 5 has been dealing with him. He is going around running through houses raiding people shit and killing everybody else that stands with an RPG with the loot he’s got in from running thru houses . Cat bit please do something about this hacker !!!!!!!! IMG_5510.MOV
  9. I hate to say it man but all because you can “deal” with the anti cheat doesn’t mean EVERYONE can , over ten people at a time are getting kicked at times…, FOR the people who got the update late that can’t even get in our own house it’s not fair we litterally got people, anti cheat killing at the respawn points . So no anti cheat is a BIG PROBLEM, for almost anyone that’s on iOS or that plays period .. if you found a way around it cool , but the other thousand players haven’t so this is something catsbit Need to fix …. There’s no point in playing for hours jus to die at a spawn point because of anti cheat. Can’t get into furnaces to make guns , can’t even Walk inside a house without getting kicked , can’t chop trees can’t look in boxes , the barrels have even kicked me and other multiple times. I feel like if catsbit is going to look at 1 persons post and change the game then he need to look at every single comment and make sure everyone is good in the game ! Or not take anyone’s comments into consideration, there needs to be fairness in the forums at least if not in the Game. as other players have stated we know “jus a game” but you don’t get back the time u spent when you die BACK ! so maybe @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev Should just reset everyone ,on every server ,every time something in the game is changed for the better ,so every player has a fair chance!!! The anti cheat that most of us encounter makes it extremely hard to play or live in the game .
  10. Jame$1

    Anti cheat

    Catsbit play the game please for 1 hour !!!!!!!!!!
  11. Jame$1

    FIX anticheat

    We are no longer aloud to walk in our own houses can’t open doors ,walk up stairs ,can’t play basically .
  12. Jame$1

    PvP Bug

    I have the iOS update from this morning if needed I can try to provide a video but basically as the first bug report stated you can shoot somebody kill them and you have to disconnect and reconnect or your frozen lagging until you disconnect it will show their bag but they will just be running on top of it, At this point there is basically no reason to even kill a person because by the time you reconnect there’s already three or four other people going into their bag and you can’t kill all of them while disconnecting and reconnecting, I thought this update was a bug fix.
  13. When the iOS update lmao? ???
  14. Jame$1

    Tree fall

    So here’s something knew I figured some of the more active players would like to know as a head up in gameplay ,THE TREES WILL KILL YOU NOW , like if u cut a tree down and it falls on you ! It will kill you and label it “FALL” When cutting trees down don’t stand near them let them drop !!!!!
  15. Jame$1


    I am suggesting a BUG FIX of the rocket launcher ?, every time anyone shoots rocket every character in the game that witnesses it glitches out , WE NEED THIS FIXED … not fair to the people puttin there hours of gameplay into this game !
  16. Jame$1

    Rockets Glitch

    I feel as if I’m collecting resources for no reason if I can’t use my amo/rockets as please ….
  17. Jame$1

    Rockets Glitch

    @Catsbit.Care catsbit , I know your a busy person but this a problem that need to be fixed , It almost at the point where rockets are uselesss , cant even be near them when exploding, with out glitching out I’ve been kicked for shooting a rocket , completely kicked out of the game and died because the other person did not get glitched …. How is this fair in any way I solely put my focus into this game jus for progress to be ruined because of a glitch , i WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO MAKE 20+ rockets and try and survive on your own game to see how “fair” this is to the point that you have to be a better at beating the glitch ,not player ….
  18. So I have been having this problem since the update , I know I ain’t the only one and I hate to say but it’s not fair IMO to the people that spend there time an effort making bulk ammo! but almost every time I shoot my Rocket launcher it’s freezes me an I have to reconnect ,it’s insane have to reconnect every single rocket …..
  19. I understand that a lot of people are now having problems with the same situation so I’d like to address it , BAG LADDER GLITCH , I have seen multiple players use the glitch and I understand that it’s a creative way to raid , but not a legitimate one ,there are people myself included that has spent there time on turning there whole house to metal so it has to be rocket raided to get loot . And instead a naked with nothing can build a ladder wit body bags , and tear up everything that was built and get robbed of loot over a bag exploitation . I jus don’t see the fairness in it for the people who actually spend time on your game , just for someone to be able to get in house using bags or bag ladder , Another issue with this is the placement of bags in the window to slide thru .
  20. Jame$1

    Upgrade failure

    Respect but I would consider that trouble shooting , and well 60fps , an not sure on the ping , but already tried “to wait a sec in between walls” like fr …. not stupid . The hammer wasted 120 pc and I had to WAIT for another 40 pc two other times .that was before building another hammer , the new hammer let me do 1 wall and continued to kick me off server like the last one ..
  21. Jame$1

    Upgrade failure

    I take it back , it only let me do 1 wall with the NEW UPGRADE HAMMER, then took another 40 and kick me out the game on next wall….
  22. Jame$1

    Upgrade failure

    UPDATE: so basically if you are having the same issue with the upgrade hammer , don’t let it eat you metal there is a lifespan for the hammers even though there is no life bar , throw out old hammer make new !