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  1. In the base game there are controls which may not appeal to all of us. So why not have wireless controller support? It can be useful for hardcore players that are undermined by the base virtual controls. Also another thing that can be added is making the game much smoother. Imagine having a controller but it lags whenever you look around a lot. Being able to connect a controller and using the phone as the screen can solve inconveniences like your finger blocking your screen and such.
  2. Great thinking! That can really help the game out as most cheats are pretty much another clone of oxide that gives people cheats and connects to the official oxide servers. Adding that will remove a lot of cheaters and will remove the anti-cheat problem and will also make room for more suggestions because people are more worried about "more important stuff". So much so they say adding even a simple reload animation isn't necessary. Honestly, this can help oxide a lot and help improve the anti cheat that catsbit is probably is already working on. Also, nudging catsbit to make a anticheat is just making them rush their work and make a worse anticheat, so give catsbit some time to make it.
  3. Dodex


    Don't worry, oxide won't get sued. Oxide won't get sued because it doesn't cost money to play
  4. Dodex

    Add Bags

    4 backpacks variants: - the primitive backpack - the explorer's backpack - military backpack - the pocketed chest plate first off, the primitive backpack. The primitive backpack is a backpack made from 20 cloth and 25 sticks. It is a simple backpack that can be a hefty price for early game but can be helpful with its 6 extra slots. It's really helpful for scavenging when not being able to afford other forms of storage. Next we have the explorer'a backpack. The explorer's backpack has a somewhat unique name and will also cost 30 cloth, 10 sticks, and 20 scrap. The explorer's backpack will give 10 extra slots and is the best choice for people out there that prefer to go on long scrap runs or long expeditions. The explorer's backpack also give a bonus to more meat of water via another 2 slots that can only hold food. Now here comes the military backpack! The military backpack will give the user 16 extra slots! For people who either literally don't have chests or people that go on really long expeditions. But the best use is when raiding because sneaky nakeds can steal the loot while you are taking back what you can. The thing is though it can't be crafted, meaning you will have to find it through monuments or steal one. But the last but not least is the pocketed chest plate. The pocketed chest plate is a unique armor piece with it acts like a better leather armor chestplate, with 45 armor points and with the added bonus as acting like a slightly better backpack as well! Also I did forget to mention that backpacks take armor slots, so chose wisely, armor protection or extra slots! ( open to any questions or comments)
  5. I have an answer for you. What. The. bloody HELL are you on about? You are saying that a gun reload animation is useless? Apparently we don't need to much realism in oxide, but that's the whole point, a simulation of survival. The point of survival games is that you are trying to survive in a island or forest, and in a game like oxide that has guns, you are saying a reload animation is useless. Catsbit, if you do read this, add a reload animation. I know that I should be respecting other people opinions but he/she is saying we should not improve the games quality.?
  6. More weapons can add more variety to oxide's pvp and add more strategies to the game
  7. Damn, I didn't know that, it must be a hassle. But I do have an idea to kill this cheat by making it so that only players with tool cupboard privilege can remove things. Now all you have to do is put a lock on the tc and they can't get tc privilege and take all your stuff. Cheaters life's must be full of joy, their dad definitely didn't leave them
  8. Dodex


    To add to this, there should be obstacles the player has to overcome in order to get to the loot
  9. I have an opinion so that each time you hit a cross or spark you will get 10% more resources and the more you hit the cross, the more the multiplier stacks. (Hit a spark 3 times, you get 30% more resources for each hit)
  10. In that case, you can just use discord or any message app. But I do think there should be chat options in the server, like private chat, or team chat. But I also think they should add notes to oxide. Notes can be used to give people your codes without everybody seeing your code
  11. I would suggest to add a 30 second timer because sometimes people can accidentally disconnect or lag out and it can take some time to get back in the server
  12. Dodex


    I think that the iron spear should have the stab option because it can add more use to the iron spear
  13. In oxide, the only way to heal is over time, which could be a hassle to players that are constantly pvping. So it makes sense to add other way/forms of healing rather than to sit in your base until you fully heal. Maybe the most basic form of healing is by eating meat or drinking water. Eating raw meat won't give you any health, but cooked meat will give you 4 health instantly and will regenerate 6 more health faster that natural healing ( 1 health per second) for a total of 10 health, and yes, the faster regeneration will stack. Also water will give 3 health per second and also a ability to run slightly faster for 10 seconds ( the boost should stack). Next the most basic form of healing without consuming any food is bandages. Bandages will heal for 10 health and will increase health regeneration for 5 more health (like the regeneration from eating cooked meat). But next we have a healing item that can be useful and efficient, the patches. patches will heal for 5 health each, but wait, 5 health? That's horrible! Nope, since it will take no time to apply but will be only able to apply 4 patches per second ( to avoid cheaters using auto clickers). The only downside is that they will be rare but still craftable for 6 cloth and 2 metal frags( cost 150 scrap to learn). Next we have health drugs. Health drugs will health for 40 health each and regenerate 25 health faster. health drugs can be crafted for 10 metal, 5 water bottles, and 8 scrap each(200 scrap to learn), but can also be found in elite crates. Then last but not least, the booster shot. Booster shots are the best healing item in oxide and the second most rare item in the game. Booster shots will heal ALL lost health and even give 15 artificial health (Artificial health is like shields in other games like fortnite or apex). And that's not all! The booster shot will give a 2x speed boost for 60 seconds and will completely fill your hunger and thirst instantly! Well, that is my suggestion of healing items in oxide and can bring a while to level to pvp.( reminder: I am open to any questions in the comments!) Youtube:
  14. The bots don't have to be added, maybe the bunker could have parkour rooms in order to get to the loot or something,But it could be anything. I feel like these monuments should have obstacles to pass just hard enough so that you would need a bit of experience to overcome.
  15. This is the perfect oxide discord server for players to find teammates!