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  1. Hi there. This is a good suggestion, but it is however a long one. As I said in previous replies, game updates take a whole lot of effort and coding to create. Therefor these updates may be separated into different future updates. as always, thanks for the suggestions. ?
  2. As a person who knows how difficult coding is, a friends list would take a long time, as it has to detect when a user is in the app, to change the status to online. This is a reason game updates take so long, the developer of the game has to type a whole bunch of code for updates. There will be a slight chance this “friends list” feature will ever be added, but it may be added in future updates. Updates take even more time due to this virus that’s going around. But, as always, thanks for the suggestion.
  3. Hello there. We have found this post not related to bug reports. If you want to suggest something, please place it in suggestions. Thanks.
  4. Currently in this community, games only have 3 categories and limited things; questions, suggestions, and bug reports. So add a default area, such as Main, where people can post anything if it’s not innapropiate. Thank you.
  5. Hi there. Game updates take a long time, especially games with large scripts. So be patient, please!
  6. An NSFW swear and innapropiate word filter, would filter innapropiate words in names, chat, and more. This would be useful instead of marking the game 17+
  7. Hi. Thanks for suggestion. The game mode is currently in the works. You have to wait some time before they finish it. For a real response, please wait for the Developer Team to respond.
  8. You could make a new server type called “powerful devices” making the build limit higher, or “super powerful devices” for inf build limit.
  9. How have you been? I forgot this game existed due to a lack of updates. The good thing is, I have returned! Yay!
  10. Hi there, This idea is very great, due to that it is useful for certain landmarks. Thank you for the suggestions. The Community, and the developers appreciate all of them. There is a chance Catsbit.Care will reply to the topic.
  11. Oh, animals would be good. Here are my suggestions: I would suggest wild dogs, and tamed dogs that follow you around. Animals can be killed by shooting them with a gun. There could also be a option in the server settings, that allows animals to naturally spawn. There could also be ragdoll animals! And also a comment on this game, it’s mostly better than most sandbox games, it has things that the others don’t have. Building system, furniture, and more. Keep up the good work!
  12. I agree to this idea. This would allow me, and Catsbit to chat about the new update and bugs.
  13. Hi there, I am a very good helper of ten Catsbit community. My job is to help users, along with Catsbit.Care This is probably a glitch with the new 0.3.0 update, resulting in data loss due to the app changing. Thanks for helping improve the game. You may get a response from Catsbit, maybe or not.
  14. I have got 3 bugs that are extremely weird. New Owner cannot save This thing is really bad, because I cannot save when I get the new owner. The save button stays greyed out, and it needs to be fixed fast. Bike backs out too slowly! The bike is very cool, but if you crash you have to go through pain to back out! Bike allows wall phasing! [BIG BUG!!] Oh no, that glitch! Fix it, fast! ___________________________________ Those are the 3 bugs. You can view media below. 37BD8A1D-EF88-4F79-AE03-70F2965069E8.MP4 2B06C383-7251-4767-A1AE-6D4CC168CFA5.MOV CFF30050-F958-458F-887F-C49E3FB238C0.MP4
  15. Hi, thanks for asking. The newest update is up in running, go check the App Store/Google Play
  16. Allow users to save maps when a member. This is Incase I’m looking for maps for mini-games
  17. Wait, I figured out where it was. If your looking here and you can’t figure it out, go to the Server Status and click the wrench next to a user that’s not you. Sorry about the inconvenience.
  18. Well, the admin panel doesn’t allow fun or misc commands. [i.g flying, changing your speed] Permissions are also really good, but there are also systems that were not installed [i.g banning, because players rejoin after kicked]. The game’s ragdoll system is really funny, and I love that ragdoll glitch where the ragdoll freaks out and glitches and stretches. But the only way to get ragdoll is dying, and there should be a way to ragdoll yourself. Audit logs would also be good for viewing command logs in-case somebody with admin permissions abuses, or somebody adds a block if you don’t see it. And member commands that you can use on yourself is legendary.. Also, you should think of adding a way to “customize permissions” to change a permission name, description, the things they can do, the option to make it a “starter role” and many more. All these “commands” don’t fit on a panel, so you use them in chat, like the admin Roblox uses. You just say !commands to view the command list. Permissions are very useful if you have an alt, so you can make that alt the Co-Owner. Or you have a friend that you give admin! There are hundreds of possibilities with chat-commands! See how useful they are, to do a race with running, fun tournaments with flying spectators, and many others! What do you think about Chat Commands now? And also, I thought up some more commands. |Owner/Admin| !scriptLogs | Show script logs [i . g color text, size text] !help | Show the basic help for chat commands system. prefix [without “!”] | Show the prefix for Chat Commands! !announce <Message> | Send a Message to the whole server that appears in front of a users screen. !m <Message> | Send a Message to all users can see infront of there screen, with “From <UserName>” at the top of the screen. /\ Example for “!m” Message from <PlayersName> Hello! |Member| !help | Show the basic help for chat commands system. prefix [without “!”] | Show the prefix for Chat Commands! !whisper <UserName> | Start a whisper-chat that only you and the recipant can see. ________________________________________________________________________ That is all. Remember, this is very neccasary for my servers, to make sure all players have fun, and a nice moderation.
  19. When I join a server I own, I don’t have admin panel. Please help!
  20. Hello, it’s me again, back posting the 2nd time! Today I have a unique suggestion, Chat Commands! Server Members and Owners can only do little things, Chat Commands makes it perfect! Here are the Chat Commands. | OWNER | !kill <UserName> | Immediantly kills members. !smite <UserName> | Causes a Explosion on a Member flinging there ragdoll into the sky! !logs | Shows Command Logs !god <UserName> | Gives a Member unlimited health. !setHealth <UserName> <HealthAmount> | Sets the Max health of a Member. !rag <UserName> | Makes a Member enter ragdoll mode. Can be exited by pressing the ? button. Useful for having fun glitching the ragdoll! !mute <UserName> | Disables Chat for a Member. Useful to stop spam. Undo with !unmute !fling <UserName> <Intensity(optional)> | Yeets a Member into space. !Kick <UserName> <Reason> | Kicks a Member, showing the reason on the Members Screen, and the Kick Message. !Ban <UserName> <Days> <Hours> <Minutes> <Reason> | Kicks a Member from a server, and they cant join until the time runs out. !PermBan <UserName> <Reason> | Bans a Member, but for an infinite amount of time. !BanLand | Shows Banned Members and the reason and ban time. Allows you to unban Banned Members or change there Reason and time. !VIP <UserName> | Gives a Member VIP permissions. !mod <UserName> | Gives a Member Moderator permissions. !Admin <UserName> | Gives a Member Admin permissions. !Owner <UserName> | Transfer ownership. !fly <UserName> | Toggles flying. Stop flying with !unfly !EditServer | Opens the server menu. Allows you to change the map, name, password, and other options. !ServerLock | Prevents Members from joining. Undo with !UnLockServer !Speed <UserName> <WalkSpeed> | Change you, or a members speed to speed fast, or waddle slow. !JumpPower <UserName> <Power> | You know the deal! | Member | !chat | View messages that you didn’t have time to read, and chat in style. !ragdoll | Same as the Owner Command, but you can’t use it on other members. !FP | Toggles first-Person. Toggle 3rd Person with !3P !Commands | View all Commands, and the rank required. | FEATURES UNLOCKED | New ranks. VIP: Golden name in chat, VIP next to your name, and chat commands you can use on yourself only. MODERATOR: Can Change there name color. Special role tag next to name. Use Chat Commands on a single Member at a time. Mute Members. ADMINISTRATOR: Black and White name color unlock. Use chat commands on “all” and “others”. Kick Members. CO-OWNER/OWNER: Rainbow Name Color unlock. Ban members. Red tag next to there name for owner. Example: [OWNER] heyimadrian123. Change a members rank. OFFICIAL CATSBIT ADMINISTRATOR: Change coins and gems. Unlock Name Shapes and Name animations. Use bikes and guns! Use all skins! Infinite gems and coins! Delete a Members account! In the Player Menu, you can see the rank as it does with OWNER. Admins can ban people with the Orange X, and perm ban with the Rainbow X. That is the end of the update. This took a long time to write. ?
  21. Also I think you haven’t updated for iOS in a long time
  22. So,while playing my game it was hard to build all the houses for my server. I just thought up of a copy and paste system. So if you click this button that looks like this ◼️?⬜️ Then when you look at an object it has a blue haze. If you tap the “Select” button at the left of your screen, the object will turn green. You can do this to as many objects you want. Then, you can pres “Copy” to add it to your clipboard. Then, to paste it, select the ? button and the green translucent shape appears. Then you can place the copied object wherever you want! Even in mid air! It’s great if you want to do that! You can also press the “Cube” button to make it act like a building peice and shift around as you move! And that is my suggestion! Hope you do this!