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    Photos have been posted on Instagram. Enjoy! ~Loyal
  2. Try jumping off a hill til you die but I find using a bear or boar is the fastest, you'll respawn with a new stone hatchet. Drop everything in your backpack 1st in a spot you remember and is close to a respawn point, that way you're not starting over with nothing. Have fun! ~Loyal
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    Lost items

    I just received word: Catsbit is back looking into fixing these problems. Won't be long til we see some updates, stay tuned! Have fun! ~Loyal
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    Missing items

    Hey guys.. I've found a trick that seems to work- before you leave the game, make sure something is cooking on fire or in furnace. Then when you exit game, choose "EXIT" to close the game down, NOT "Leave room." I've had houses and full chests last months without disappearing. Have fun! ~Loyal
  5. I received an update from a Catsbit admin recently. Great news- they are in fact working on an update that apparently is going to be released soon. There was no mention of hacker-fixes but it's awesome to know that they are indeed reading our posts and working to fix the issues. Suppose we'll just have to put up with all these modded players til they work it out. ~ Loyal