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  1. I too have encountered that problem, unfortunately there is only one solution: Create a new server and change the name of it. What is happening is simple- someone has copied your server name and created their own, it's essentially a race- if they create it first then they are the owner and can kick you even though you created the server. Basically you created a server while another one with the same name was there first, get it? I create popular rooms and people steal them all the time, cant stop it. Next time you create a room(server) go into the room list(top left beside menu) and check to see who the owner is. Have fun! MJ
  2. MJ78

    APK Users

    Could you share some information regarding this 'new project' you mentioned back in April? As suggested by you, I've been checking for updates and/or information and haven't seen anything, it's been 2months. Please let your fan base know. Thank you. MJ
  3. Or, you could just play "Ocean is Home," it has almost all those things. Enjoy.
  4. Arthur, what game is this for? Curious is all. I'm an avid Survival Sim player... this doesn't appear to be it. Thanks. MJ
  5. MJ78

    Way too many bugs

    To the developers: I may be able to shed some light on this player's concerns. I have also encountered the issue where the 'owner' of the server has left the room, we are then transfered to the server list main page and when we create our own room or enter another room, the item's are no longer in our inventory. On multiple occasions I have stored item's in chests in a server I created, I have then left that server and returned later only to find empty chests. Not sure why this happens but it happens often. Thank you MJ
  6. MJ78

    APK Users

    Thank you for your prompt response! I am very pleased to know you and your team are working towards creating a gaming environment that will allow those who play your game(and spend money supporting your game) to enjoy it the way it was intended! Thank you again and best of luck, I look forward to future updates. MJ
  7. MJ78

    APK Users

    Good day, I'm certain you've been made aware or are aware of the multiple player's of your game that have downloaded an APK Mod that alter's game play. These player's are an extreme nuisance to those of us that are playing the game legitimately. My question is simple: is there ANYTHING you can do or are planning to do to eradicate those players? The game is no longer enjoyable while a player can walk right up to you and kill you, causing you to lose all your belongings! Please do SOMETHING about the player's of your game who are blatantly cheating! Thank you. MJ
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    It was order #GPA.3365-9632-9621-26107 Order date: Dec, 18, 2019 11:14a.m. EST Please let me know what happened.
  9. MJ78

    Starting over.

    I feel foolish... thank you for the advice, clearing the cache worked and I was able to start over although I lost 326 coins. Suppose I should have spent them first. Thank you again, I look forward to the next update! Kujo78
  10. MJ78

    Starting over.

    As suggested, I uninstalled the game and removed it from 'my games' in Google Play. I reinstalled the game and my created name was still there, I created a server and entered the room... my buildings and partially broken ones were there. I don't understand? I've spent money on this and would probably spend more if I could start over. Other player's entered the room and changed or destroyed my buildings, now I can't change them back to the way I built them.
  11. MJ78

    Starting over.

    I have created a server, I constructed a few buildings as well as visitor's have constructed a few... now I cannot build anymore, when I build something and leave, I re-enter and everything I built is gone, just the original structure is there. My question is how do I start over? I've tried changing my name and the name of the server, it just keeps loading my old building. Please let me know, thank you.
  12. MJ78

    Building is broken?

    Only way is to build the base(foundation) same size as top floor, then destroy everything below it. I've done it a couple times but nothing over 4x4 tiles. Good luck and have fun!
  13. MJ78


    How do I contact support? I just spent $100 and I didn't get ANY coins!!! This developer just stole $104.99 from me!