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  1. Agreed, something needs to be done about the code or APK users. There's a hack for the game now that prevents the owner(creator)of a room from kicking a player... can't kill them, can't kick them. Please.. do something. MJ
  2. Couldn't agree more these glitches need to be addressed, I've dealt with them all also. I've discovered a way to save game(buildings and inventory)but the steps have to be followed exactly: Before you leave game, have something cooking in furnace(doesn't matter what: meat, metal, coal.) When you exit, choose "Exit" to close the game all the way down, not "Leave Room." When you return, items will be in chests and your building's will still be there. I had a few bases built by myself and other's last over 2 months(mine was there 3 months.) If you like to room-hop, ALWAYS exit right out of game, then re-load, you'll never lose items in you backpack(unless you die.) Hope it helps. ~Loyal
  3. Where exactly is the military base in Survival Sim? ~Loyal
  4. MJ78

    Friend Request

    I think we've all been cloned at some point, I've run into my own name more than once. Hell, I've seen my whole clan get impersonated! Being able add specific players to our server or be able to check a list of current players(without having to scroll through 99 servers, checking owner's names)that would be epic!! Good call OG!
  5. MJ78

    Losing my worlds

    Here's a suggestion that I have found to work: Clear your cache/memory - Open game and create new server - before you leave the server for the day, cook some meat on campfire or in furnace. As it's cooking, leave the game. When you come back in, the meat will still be cooking and all your build's will still be there. I had a tower/house that lasted over 2 months before I wiped memory. Hope it helps! ~ Loyal
  6. Question: Does the building you're looking at have a lot of light's installed? -Sometimes if a building has too many light's the game will lag and/or freeze. Try building less light's. ~Loyal
  7. I admire your enthusiasm Arther but we've all been waiting since Feb. for simple updates- the updates you're suggesting would take YEARS at this pace, hahaha. All great ideas though, makes me wish I had a PC to try RUST.
  8. "It will be another play." ......!?!?! What does that mean!? A different game?? Why can't they give us a definitive answer??
  9. Perhaps developing a 60/40 or even 70/30 split between day and night also? That would be great. I feel the transition time is ok, it's just that night feels so blooming long!! Good topic though guys! Kujo
  10. So you both feel that it should be ok to steal player's items and/or destroy their bases with no repercussions?? It would be ok for you if I came into your room, killed you and ruined your bases with no way to stop me or get rid of me? I don't agree that would make the game better.
  11. MJ78


    Update was coming 'very soon' back in April...
  12. Device is a Samsung Galaxy Tab A(2016,)purchased new from distributor.
  13. I wish I could understand what you developers are doing. Survival Simulator is a fairly simple game, I can't imagine the coding is extremely difficult for this game and yet we all encounter bug after bug after bug. Recently(and multiple times)I have tried to respawn- a pretty simple function in the game. I open menu, press respawn after 3second count and my screen goes black!! I can hear other players cutting trees and killing animals but I cannot do anything but stare at a black screen. Can't get in my chests, furnaces, nothing, can't respawn to a bed either, all I get is a black screen. I wont spend another dollar on this game and suggest no-one else does either.
  14. I too have encountered that problem, unfortunately there is only one solution: Create a new server and change the name of it. What is happening is simple- someone has copied your server name and created their own, it's essentially a race- if they create it first then they are the owner and can kick you even though you created the server. Basically you created a server while another one with the same name was there first, get it? I create popular rooms and people steal them all the time, cant stop it. Next time you create a room(server) go into the room list(top left beside menu) and check to see who the owner is. Have fun! MJ
  15. MJ78

    APK Users

    Could you share some information regarding this 'new project' you mentioned back in April? As suggested by you, I've been checking for updates and/or information and haven't seen anything, it's been 2months. Please let your fan base know. Thank you. MJ