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  1. I'll tell you why the devs don't hire more people. It costs money, and trust.
  2. Most hackers are too lazy to farm, and generally kill players for loot with their hacks. Plus, if you play enough you’ll unlock plenty of bps ez.
  3. You clearly live in a different world. have you ever tried developing a multiplayer game? Especially one that’s like RUST? Keep in mind, they’re indie (1-2 people). You guys think they’re as big as activision. give these developers the damn time they need!
  4. It would be unfair to other mobile users who play with touch screen.
  5. Because hiring devs costs money and trust, and catsbit is not made of money.
  6. I will if it means I can get the point across
  7. Hey everyone ! I want to talk about a few things in regards to the catsbit developers. (im not associated with them in any way, i just wanna say some stuff.) please give the developers a chance. The developers are very small scale and very much indie, so they don't have all the time in the world to be working on oxide. They have shown to us that they are trying to fix the anticheat, and trying to fix the hacker problem. They have also shown that they have been banning the hackers by all of the responses from catsbit in player reports. Unfortunately, they will never be able to ban all of the hackers, because it is literally impossible. Cheaters can and will create new accounts just to play and cheat again. It's a cycle that won't end until another anticheat update is released. Updates take a lot of time, especially because they're working on a mobile game, they have to do lots of optimization for everything they add, so that everyone can play, including low end devices. If catsbit released updates as fast as you wanted to, the quality of these updates would be terrible. They want to prepare and deliver the best thing possible. Give them the time to do that. - Peenerweener
  8. Ты должен понять, что разработчиков только 2. Это не как Facepunch, у которых огромная компания и много людей. Дайте им время которое им надо.
  9. Hi! Quick question Will the new sleeping bag and bone helmet skins be available in the item shop soon? I’d love to get those, they look sick.
  11. Please send proof of them cheating, and their player ID’s
  12. Will those be included in the shop soon?
  13. This is an awesome idea. this limits cheaters, because it makes it harder for them to keep creating Google accounts. I agree with this change.
  14. I understand things take time, but I hope you guys can give us updates on when a possible patch is coming.
  15. Ты клоун? Уже видео вышло как ты через стены стреляешь. Иди куда подальше со своими читами, и не возвращайся.
  16. You don’t. There is no application. There is no admins.
  17. After the new anti-cheat, I am not being kicked out of my helicopter when exiting it. awesome stuff, thanks catsbit.
  18. I really want to say yes, because of hackers not being able to access guns. but it would also hinder the gameplay of a normal person considerably. I’d say, if it helps with cheaters, go for it.
  19. cheater name: Troublesom3 His buddies welynprint and jhabbiee were helping him kill Jisphy and teaming