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  1. they dont even need to redownload the game, they just make another account lol they need to put something in place like IP bans
  2. You guys have been offline for almost a week and a half and we have zero bans inside of the player reports, we have cheaters absolutely everywhere, and we even have CHEATING CLANS INSIDE OF **PRIME!** Are you guys going to be communicating at all about what in the world you are doing? I understand that game developing especially for mobile takes time, and even more so an anti-cheat against the ludicrous cheats inside of the game, but for fuck's sake, please communicate to us! Tell us if you are going on breaks so we know what to expect for the next days/weeks, don't leave us in the dark!
  3. from what i see, it's already been bypassed. what a joke LOL
  4. I'm on the loading screen of the main menu, it says signed into my game center account and keeps infinitely loading.
  5. honestly, its better just to move on from this game. it's pointless waiting for the developers to do something when they clearly don't care
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    THIS. LITERALLY THIS. A lot of people have been ASKING for this since the past year and a half or so, everybody has been asking for catsbit to give admin panels to trusted members of the oxide community, and yet they still haven't done shit. Cheaters have completely taken over the game, you can't even log in for 3-4 minutes without getting aimbotted across the map by some chinese or russian moron with an assault rifle. Trusted members with admin panels could at the very least mitigate a lot of the cheaters, especially trusted members who play a lot of oxide on the daily (Welly for example). Instead, we're getting a pointless safezone update with more micro-transactions being posted in the shop, because apparently Catsbit can put more effort into those instead of a decent fucking anti-cheat or admin panel. If you take a look at Just Survival Multiplayer, that game already has an adequate anti-cheat right off release that has, from what I saw, worked extremely well in mitigating cheaters, and keeping them away. And from what I saw, the developer of that game is also a SOLO developer. He even has already added a leave timer, something Catsbit STILL HASNT DONE! Jesus Christ, get your shit together.
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    UPDATE 0.4

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    UPDATE 0.4

    Nothing on app store
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    Patch notes?
  10. Finally, after so long. Praying it was worth the half a year wait.
  11. I understand that there was a delay that happened in February however we have had basically zero news about the update. This is genuinely disappointing because you guys keep going back to the same mistake you’ve been doing all this time, ZERO COMMUNICATION. Delays are fine of course, and we appreciate being told there is a delay, so we don’t have our hopes too high, however please keep in mind that it’s almost April and we still have had zero news. You don’t help your case when you say nothing about really anything in regards to the game (apart from banning cheaters). Even if the update isnt ready, even if you need to delay it again, please just communicate with us. We are tired of being left in the dark about all of this!
  12. Ты дебил? Не понимаешь сколько ресурсов это надо чтобы хоть дойти до этого этапа, плюс еще это делать на мобильных устройств? Они не так сильные как компьютеры. Если тебе не нравится, иди играй в раст
  13. Откуда знаешь что обновления «довно готово» ?
  14. it was your fault that you were drunk and downloading cheat apks. deal with it ?
  15. he’s saying that because K1n is Russian, and it would be easier for him to type in Russian than English. You apparently have some kind of vendetta against Russians, lmao
  16. Смузи в России доната нету, вы не можете покупать.
  17. Matter of fact is that catsbit isn’t lazy, it’s just that a lot of the content included with the update is locked behind a paywall that most users can’t break because not many people can pay for stuff. if this was a limited time event, with these items being limited time things you can put on your base and shit, and it would get removed after the Halloween update is over, that would be fine. The zombies are cool and all, but they only spawn at nighttime, and there isn’t much purpose to fighting them unless you’re trying to get content. Rotten Meat is just the original meat texture with a green color splattered on top of it, and serves zero purpose. The update is a nice addition, locking 80% of the content included in the update behind a paywall isn’t. To counter the claim “if everyone had these items and it was everywhere, the game would completely crash!!!!!” set a limit to the amount of items that can be placed at once so the game doesn’t die.
  18. I’m still not seeing update on IOS.
  19. Rocket cost should be buffed, it’s way too ez to craft
  20. 1: New weapons, or additions to weapons. (Scope to hunting rifle, or perhaps even new models for rifles.) 2: GYRO AIMING. This would be a blessing in disguise. 3: Triangular foundations. 4: Higher cost of rocket crafting. 5: New or maybe even more factories/monuments scattered around the map. 6: The ability for prime users to create their own servers and rule them with admin powers in-case of cheaters. (And being able to choose if it can be accessed by guests or not.) these are some suggestions for updates that would be amazing to oxide.