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Found 275 results

  1. How catsbi? How I got ban I was farming and got ban?. Pls correction catsbi I want to know why I got ban even I don't hack.
  2. Fix your levels i was in level 10 so close when i got kicked in server it rest at half of level 9 !!! Fix yours bugs
  3. nickname: @БАТЯ@. id: 51C871C2FDF0A15C server: 29 EU
  4. EU51, id: FDC2F08996FD23C2, nickname on video, cheats: aim, speed hack. Video proof YT:
  5. EU51 id: 7CCDE91C0A549C14 nickname on video, cheats: aim video proof YT:
  6. EU51 id: DABE07A3D33846A8, nickname: S T A T U S cheats: telekill Video proof YT:
  7. ID:57BB1234060C26E5 hacker assault riffle aimbot 10lvl account
  8. @Catsbit dev @Catsbit.Guard Hello Dear catsbit team and dear players, about 4 days ago I got banned for no reason. I am not using any 3rd party application, I was only playing with the emulator. Anyway, normally when I was jumping or crashing, I think the application detected that I was playing with the phone (suspicion of cheating) and I was kicked out of the game and I thought it was a mistake and I didn't care, but while I was scrapping on the road, I was suddenly banned indefinitely. Please review my account and check that there are no reports and there is no suspicion. If there is no problem, unban my account. I realize that playing with emulator is unfair competition but I don't have any phone to play this game. Please excuse me. Have fun, good work. Nick name: [ULU] Sigma Lv:12 Order number GPA.3329-5944-9595-30577 IF YOU CAN'T FIND ME, CHECK MY GOOGLE PLAY ORDERS. Sorry, my account ID is not showing up on the ban screen.
  9. developers, let me become a moderator, because we only have 1 moderator and he doesn’t ban very much, my friend wrote every day 1 day, 2, 3 and so on, but I noticed his complaint only on the 12th day, if you refuse or the Moderator doesn’t like it, then I’m done I’ll accept, well, I was already an administrator in an RP game, so I hope I’m adequate... разработчики, позвольте мне стать модератором, ведь модератор у нас всего 1 и банит он не особо, мой друг писал каждый день 1 день, 2, 3 и так далее, но его жалобу я заметил только на 12 день, если вы отказываетесь или модератору это не нравится, тогда я готов приму, ну я уже был администратором в РП игре, так что надеюсь я адекватен...
  10. AMIR..YT

    Add admin

    Why not add the admin in oxide survival
  11. AMIR..YT


    Pls banned kazi kd in 25eu
  12. Un ban my accunt
  13. ID: EF3DB85769664C86 HACK: shotgun aimbot
  14. NAME: “INOY” ID: 782BC5382D4510E0 HACK: Assault rifle aimbot
  15. 58E43202D273CFB0 читер 65еу
  16. I have a problem, I bought Santa's hat but I can't craft it. it doesn't shows in the crafting menu. pls fix this problem. for me
  17. Ledjon2


    So The problem Is That I can't Create A new Team I have 100 scraps And When i press Create the team Automaticlly it disconnects From the server? fix This. i dont Need proof Of This an Answer Please. GLITCH BUG
  18. ID:FF346BD052CD4D86 Server:69ey Video: Cheat user
  19. ID:FF346BD052CD4D86 Server:69ey Video: Cheat user
  20. NAME: (8==D) ID: B9AD270DFF29BDFE HACK: telekill
  21. musabykl


    NAME: [Titan]rogi- ID: EDCF9F767F9683C5 HACK: aimbot
  22. И так. Я за сегодня построил 4 дома. Первый дом в зиме. Его зарейдили читеры. Второй дом построил у подножья горы где мало кто ходит его тоже зарейдили через крышу. Чертвертый дом я построил в радейки ЕГО ТОЖЕ ЗАРЕЙДИЛИ ЧЕРЕЗ КРЫШУ. Catsbit мои жалобы не смотрит. Я уже сколько дней пытаюсь добиться того чтобы забанили читеров. А мои жалобы игнорируют...
  23. F9E3A3D09E06D8C6 играет с читом 65ey
  24. [DJ]A.T

    Un ban me

    I'm not use hack but I'm gett bann my enemy builded fake video My id=B3F4A4DEDDD5C9A
  25. Hi I'm not use hack but I'm getted bann