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Found 68 results

  1. F0CD20AB180A26CB 2FCFA796A0748945
  2. 85D52A60595753A 2DFB3ADF5F297E3B 5020F6F279319408 BCE11178DC18A0FC C297A41083BFEE6C 60E4C74B1AC874D5
  3. The whole DJ clan speed hacking teleporting and aimkill. US #2
  4. Aim, speed hack ID: 6F0D1A1EC05100CE 75304BCB0A7E3F7B
  5. Aim, speedhack, fly ID: D00D1E2741CA5D78 8EA1E47F8135E341 CECE714D366830F
  6. Используют aim, speedhack, fly: хишнек ID:3AF6AFC04755B8C оголшения ID: 2CC883F50D7DB7F8 Помидорка)) ID: E8B8AF605C29DEFC
  7. I have a proof of a indian hacker
  8. yakoub2023


    a hacker in server 16EU please ♥️ help us + I want to be your assistant+ I want to be your assistant 😔🙃
  9. Id - 1083442F6949277B Name - Я паша я ярик Reason : Aimbot / Cheats
  10. ID CB5BA81A888E19F0 hack aimbot aimkill guest 22
  11. I've been playing for a while and I keep having problems with hackers using aim bot wall hacks climbing up walls or speed hack and I report them everytime I see it happens but they never get banned so I made a list of all their IDs for you if you look at how many times they got kicked you'll know their modders 375C5BFE1A05DB22 F6CCB8B6EC7A8669 C5FA3574F2019587 FE09CAE990D9286A 56B5D3419E1A1409 4158D867B0D7CE9F CC1E82884017A53C C3083F01BA57F758 BE2464DD80D5124C 3C3EC42045772B2B EAEFDE83FC45A334 EA7E83993DFD2C43 5C869C2597BEEC6A E3959470469D5E31 68FF7FC511FA0908 Btw this is all on one server server 27
  12. 375C5BFE1A05DB22 F6CCB8B6EC7A8669 C5FA3574F2019587 FE09CAE990D9286A 56B5D3419E1A1409 4158D867B0D7CE9F CC1E82884017A53C C3083F01BA57F758 BE2464DD80D5124C 3C3EC42045772B2B Please ban they use speed hacks wall climb and aim bots
  13. player is harassing other player to where it's so difficult to play. Please Ban
  14. in us 4 there hackers that no clip and climb in us 28 75% of that server is hacker join these servers to see for youself im savage lol if you join us 4 in us 5 there a non hacker and a hacker the hacker have aimbot some hacker are hacker_fort and vpn super
  15. Hello I would like to report this cheater he is friends with half the server and kills anyone if they're not friends with him or his teamates he's just annoying af I lost my armours and weapons that I have had for over a month please get this guy banned if needed I can try recording as of now I just have a screen shot of him killing me with an assault riffle thank you his id is 4B28AA840E24E63C
  16. Hackers It's all in the video, he only asks to record one using the hack but all the others are his friends using the same hack. I ask you administrator to enter the game and the BR 3 server to see that there are many, do something
  17. Name: OXIDE ID: DA4813E8E67C95E5 HACK: AİM HACKER
  18. Name: azamatjvh ID: 22B4F2D53AB866D8 HACK: aim hacker
  19. Fly hacking duo trying to hide it too, investigate thanks
  20. I have some videos of hackers to report but not exactly sure how to submit them. I've submitted some before and I think I either did it wrong or they were overlooked. Please give me clear instructions on how to report a hacker. TIA
  21. Hacker no servidor praime,por favor pedimos o banimento desse jogador
  22. Like seriously what the hell is going on with the game developers or admins? You have a section on Catsbit forums to report cheaters and hackers but no one is reviewing them. It's been like weeks since I saw a report actully get looked at and since then cheaters/hackers have taken over the game. The game isn't even worth playing atm because of the number of cheaters and hackers on all servers. WAKE UP GAME DEVELOPERS! OXIDE SURVIVAL IS POINTLESS TO PLAY RN. WHY MAKE A REPORT ON SOMEONE WHO IS BREAKING THE RULES IF NO ONE IS GONNA DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT?
  23. I suggest creating a Discord channel with the following options: Report Bugs and Hackers. with it we can send the Nick: ID: Hacking Type: and Videos and Prints proof that the individual is Cheating