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    Shadow fox wdym TGT strikes again?
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    Hi there, We are planning to fix/add a lot of things, that's why it takes so much time. We speak English, French, Russian, Polish, you can express in any of these languages
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    Hi there, We haven't decided yet what will be added in the nearest update and what will be added later Probably we will share this list with players as soon as we do it
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    August 1st is the latest.
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    Hi there Oxide survival island will update soon Don't worry about that
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    I was thinking that it would nice and casual to be able to sit on the furniture. And also perhaps voice chat... but honestly your text chat is very simple and quick. And also a first person view.
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    You should hire people or send people from the dev team to control servers and shut them down if they are ruining the game (Or being inappropriate) Wanted to ask if that is possible.
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    Add guns and weapons Add accounts and friending system
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    Nobody is a retard. I've gotten sick of you, so please, take this lightly, but FUCK OFF.
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    Hey, but uh, this comment is ableist. Please remove it. If you don't know what ableism is, look it up.
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    It be cool if you add a friends list and see if they are active or not
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    trying to accelerate our work..
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    13. Добавьте ещё звуки шагов других игроков, а то не слышно их и убивают со спины( (The sounds of footsteps of other players, otherwise they are not heard and are killed from the back)
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    Добавьте возможность менять кнопки управления местами, очень нужная функция, и настройки графики бы не помешали, заранее спасибо
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    Bro EA is a game company that's super insanely pay to win like $5 for every step you make in game $100 to craft a stone hatchet $1000 to receive the stone hatchet lol
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    Will there be in game purchases? Imagine if you could watch ads to speed up crafting
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    Hello Catsbit.Dev In survival island there are many errors such as when you walk in the water you get trapped and you are down and you can not go out also when you open a chest you vote for sever and also when you vote for being a hacker and I am not a haker, please see the new update play before you lose followers is a tip
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    thxxx firestar9990
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    Hey! Wouldn’t it be cool if we could dim the brightness of all the controls, so at night time on the game, it wouldn’t be as blinding. Also if we could customise the placement and size of each one, just like on Counter Attack FPS
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    Yah it was probably AncyG aka Badman
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    Hi Catsbit I don't know if you can add the coconut because there are palm trees with nothing and I could add the coconut, for example this image:
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    yes this is a very good suggestion
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    crafting resources restoring in case of disconnecting was one of my largest problems in survival simulator the original, thanks!
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    This is so supposed to be fixed version of the old one because it wasn’t spelt good and it wasn’t good so here we go 1. More Areas First of all the areas are okay but there isn’t too much like there are only 3 buildings! 2 Gas Stations and 1 Abandon place maybe add like scrapyard where it includes items like there scrap so you can take it and craft it and maybe add like abandon neighborhood where you can explore find old photos of family’s and a fridge where you can steal foods but there can be a rotten food like rotten meat 2. More items Maybe add scrap into the game like put it in the scrap yard and maybe you can use it to make scrap armor or something 3. More weapons and food I think you guys should add more food since there is only meat maybe add bushes where it contains berrys and you can get sticks and berrys and maybe add mushrooms around the map where you can eat but there will be 35% chance you guys it will be poisoned and if you get poisoned you will be poisoned for 10 seconds and you will lose 5 health and for the weapons add daggers and machetes 4. Animals add some new animals we been having the 3 same old boring animals like the bear,boar and dear maybe add a beehive where if you knock down a tree beehive will fall down hit the floor and it will release the bees which make then chase you for about 20 seconds they will do about 5 damage and if you like hit the beehive you can get honey! And also add foxes they should have the same health as the boar but faster and can attack faster but it can only be found at the snow 5. Vehicles since there are gas stations maybe we can have cars in the game maybe put them in the abandoned neighborhood but you have to fix the car by finding car parts around the scrap yard but it will be rare and then maybe you can get a gasoline and pour it in the car 6. Coins and making servers now maybe the coins can be used for something like for making servers so basically if you have 100 coins you can buy a private or public server but it will last for 2 days and if you have 450 coins you can buy 1 week for server and if you have 700 you can get a server for a month and if you have 1200 coins you can make a server for full year! And maybe you can get 50 coins for playing 10 minutes in a server! Well that’s all I want to say I hope these can get in the game and also Catsbit I will maybe make some icons for you like daggers,berries and other things for items
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    Restart the game and check again, the update window should no longer appear
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    alright i'll check it out and see if there's more bugs
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    Привет, Как я уже ответил в другой теме, завтра выйдет новая игра, где многие из этих предложений будут реализованы
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    Привет, Да, это одна из проблем игры Survival Simulator И вот, завтра выйдет наша новая игра, где эта проблема будет решена Следите за новостями на форуме и в соц сетях!
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    How dum are u this ain't the suggestion one come on this is the bug report section come on even if they respond they can't do it the only way for that to happen is if that person gets multiple reports and still there is no option to report someone they haven't had that implemented in the game
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    Hi, @Catsbit.Dev or @Catsbit.Care I would like to know what I would need to do to be able to help with the development of sandbox 3D, what is the programming language/engine you use to program the game. And I would like to help you as much as I can to make it faster for updates to come out, more secure, and easier for your development team. I'm not looking to be paid, I would just like to help for free
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    Добавьте пожалуйста: 1Редакцию персонажа( ну костюмы, шляпы, броню и т.д.) 2Больший выбор карт. 3Новые блоки для строительства. 4Граффити (т.е. можно с помощью них рисовать на стенах) 5И сделайте пожалуйста так чтобы можно было заходить в здания заранее построенные на выбранной карте. 6Добавте NPC в конце концов. 7Сделайте : Survival mod(режим выживания) Creative mod(режим строительства с неограниченным запасом блоков) И наконец: режим переключения (тоже самое что и выживание только с сюжетом) На этом всё, но предложения ещё не закончились
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    Hi there, What are your thoughts on the new update? In the first photo, there seems to be a wardrobe, maybe to change our character's appearance? In the last photo, there seems to be a cash register, maybe to purchase goods from other players? If you take a look in the top-left, they have included something about building. Let me know your thoughts by replying to this post. If you haven't seen the new photos of the update, I am going to provide them here; Sincerely, Survivor
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    when will you update survival simulator i got some idea's for you first is animal moose,chickens fish,second is predetors wolf',bobcats third more armor fourth food we need plant to eat it boring to just meat and pls put single player or multiplayer that all ask for please update
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    If you want smth well done, do it yourself
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    I totally agree, I just meant the hackers that ruin other (potential game fans) experience's those are the bad ones. I too have met a moder that that was just using his mods to enrich other players gaming experiences. I just wish they were all like that
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    Me and some of my friends were playing survival simulator but after I joined a different sever everything on my sever had disappeared. Me and my friend played for hours to get what we had in that sever and then it just all disappeared.
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    I agree whit you, but considering the size of the map they would be very hard to find
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    Exactly. He thinks I'm polish for some reason. But for real though, why is he against polish people? "So suck of your mom you damn polish c**t!" like bro im from the uk The developer is from poland but why is he even mad over nationalities tho...
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    Yeah dogs would be a cool addition to the game
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    This is too much for the lazy-ass devs.
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    For tanks there should be 4 a M1A1, Bradley, BTR 80 and a panzer 4. And there should be attack helicopters, witch should only be a AH64 Apache. For planes there should be a cessna 172, a P51, F4U Corsair, B52 bomber, BF109, Junkers Ju 88 stuka, F22, F35, and a Beechcraft baron.
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    Hi there, The developers are aware of this problem. It is to be hoped that it would be fixed in the next update. Thank you for your patience. Best Regards, Survivor
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    Please remove the building limit Catsbit, please
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    У вас отсутствует интернет-подключение для получения ежедневного вознаграждения или же сервис недоступен. Если с у вас с интернетом все в порядке и сервис по-прежнему недоступен - сообщите нам об этом.
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    Where can I find sulfur ?? Do you have to buy it or can you farm it ??? So confused please help Sorry about English