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    How about being able to friend request someone!
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    OK, the weapon update has already been published, it's time to start working on your suggestions
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    - Add a tool to change the walls and ground texture. The texture image could be selected from the gallery. - Add doors and more props for internal decoration. - Add custom ragdolls and NPCs. - Add a new map with a forest theme and nature props such as trees and bushes. - Bonus suggestion: a day/night cycle would be cool too.
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    List for New updates: 1. add weapons/guns 2. Add more helicopters/Cars 3. Add some planes like (B737, B747 etc.) 4. Upgrade the modern city into an airport with it and a police station, Fire station.
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    For example, chair, at the top of your screen will say 'sit' and once you sit and you want to get off, at the same spot of the sit button it will be replaced by the 'stand up' button and possibly add beds on the same update too.
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    Hey Catsbit! I’d just like to bring to your notice I have seen a few players in game becoming irritated, and on some occasions I can agree, that some people are simply playing the game to shoot others and ruin the game experience for them. There’s two very simple solutions for this. Either while your ingame, in your menu you can access an option where you can enable and disable PVP, or when you create a server, there is an option for whether or not a server cam have PVP enabled, or not enable. This would definitely improve player experiences, and prevent players whom has a sole purpose to spam people with shots, and purposely aggravate fellow players, -peak
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    Thanks for the suggestion. In future updates, this function will be added.
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    Instead of "suicide", you can respawn in the pause menu.
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    Sorry for being annoying, but there are still some little things that I wanna suggest: -Add more types of walls (with different sizes and different formats of doors and windows). -Add a lower ground base. -Add more stair directions. -Add ramps. -I love the building system, but there are some parts that don't fit (1-3). Please fix. Bonus: (This is a bug) When I aim down I can shoot myself (4-5).
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    You need to add the ability to get into the car to a friend and add guns, but for a large fee, who supports put below plus
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    Hello, I am Pillar and today,I am suggesting a LOT of things. First, I think Cats it should add a mode where you can make people I. Servers admins so they can delete and kick and everything. SECOND. you should make trucks, jets, snowmobiles, motorcycles, cheaper cars that are fast but cost money instead of gems, and war helicopters like the green giant from Vietnam War. For cars I reccomend making these cars, are Tesla kind of car,the bat mobile, car that transforms into a spider, a maserati car, a Ferrari car, and a Lamborghini car. Third, you should make it optional to have guns in a server. Fourth, you should make new maps such as the following: Easter Island, North Pole, Titanic, Atlantic Ocean, middle ages, Zombie Apocolype, Jail, and more. And, you should allow people to go inside the houses and make real zombies instead of making them just for decoration. Fifth, you should add more items like straight roads, curving roads, lava fountain. Jetpack, Spear, sword, dinosaurs, different colored walls and flooring, trap doors, shields, elevators and bikes. Sixth, make the maximum amount of people in a server 24 and stop the lagging a little bit so we can create without lag. Seventh, make a bigger maximum amount of blocks. That is all, I hope the gamke develops into something bigger and I hope you like this idea.
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    Awesome! Thanks for the reply! I know that you guys will make this game the best on mobile!
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    Just some ideas I had while playing: -Add car explosion. -Add a first person view. -Add some kind of god mode so that players can fly , that will make it easier to build. It can be activated by typing a code in the chat (something like the creative mode in minecraft). -Add functional mechanisms such as elevators, lights and eletronic objects. -Add a gravity gun to lift props. -Add game modes for public and private servers such as Hide and Seek, Murder and Deathmatch. I love this game, hope you guys make it even better!
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    I was woundering when you guys were going to add guns and motorbikes and also you should have a grappling hook for 1 jem with the guns update.
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    Очень много народу ждет выхода симулятора выживания. Было бы не плохо, добавить раздел "Новости" для каждой игры и туда выкладывать статьи о внесенных изменениях и над чем сейчас идет работа. Текст + скрины того, что проделано. Думаю многим было бы интересно на это взглянуть и следить.
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    Начнем с малого. [Добавьте возможность быть пассажиром , садиться с человеком в одну машину, вертолет] 1. Прошу великопочтенных разработчиков ПОЛНОСТЬЮ ПЕРЕЙТИ и заняться развитием ТОЛЬКО проекта Sandbox 3D. 2. Я считаю, что просто необходимо добавить команды для RP-процессов. /me (действие от человека) /do (Факт) /try (Попытка) 3. Перейдем к ГЛОБАЛЬНОМУ. 1) Виды оружия ОГНЕСТРЕЛЬНОЕ/ХОЛОДНОЕ/ПО ПЛОЩАДИ 2) Новые предметы, просто необходимые для РП: АНИМАЦИИ [Ползти,упасть, присесть] 3) НОВЫЕ ПРЕДМЕТЫ: КОКТЕЙЛЬ МОЛОТОВА, БУТЫЛКИ, РЮМКИ, ДОРОГИ, СТЕНЫ ДЛЯ ДОМА,ДВЕРЬ, САМОЛЕТ
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    Добавьте оружия, ну и больше скинов(на людей), машин, вертолетов!) Желаю удачи! P.S: хочу тоже стать разработчиком, и терпеть жалобы пользователей!)))
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    If your struggling to get the multiplayer up and running just give me a message, I can help if needed
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    Is door locks and c4 going to be added to the multiplayer
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    Добавьте Сохранение Оружие (Ak 47, m16, rpg, digl и т.п) Чат ( обязательно! ) Больше скорости дорогим машинам! ( обязательно! ) Военную технику ( танк, пушка) Военные самолёты ( истребитель, военный вертолёт) Звуковой чат Больше декора ( двери, окна, телевизор, кавры и т.п) Смена дня и ночи ( обязательно! ) Больше возможностей админу И главное СДЕЛАЙТЕ ЛУЧШЕ ОПТИМЕЗАЦЫЮ Пока что всё Ну это не конец предложений )