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    -Make it possible to LOAD maps on single player mode. -Add the function to export/import maps, so that players can share their creations. -Make the building system as simple and efficient as Cubic Sandbox, so that there is no space between the walls. That can spare a lot of work, reduce the amount of props in the map and improve the appearance of buildings. -Add more wall formats and sizes (image1: some suggestions). -Add more stairs, with different directions. -(Image2) Add a search function in the inventory, to find props easily (it's not so important now, but if you add a lot of props just like in Cubic Sandbox it will definitely be useful).
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    - Add a tool to change the walls and ground texture. The texture image could be selected from the gallery. - Add doors and more props for internal decoration. - Add custom ragdolls and NPCs. - Add a new map with a forest theme and nature props such as trees and bushes. - Bonus suggestion: a day/night cycle would be cool too.
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    List for New updates: 1. add weapons/guns 2. Add more helicopters/Cars 3. Add some planes like (B737, B747 etc.) 4. Upgrade the modern city into an airport with it and a police station, Fire station.
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    Here are some things I would love to see and many others may too  1. The ability to delete YOUR own builds this would improve the game by making it so you don’t have to ask admin to come and delete your build 2. TURN OFF PVP It gets frustrating to play and role play when there is a troll killing everyone and just ruining the game 3. Flat starting build plot it gets kinda annoying to place ramps to acces an area so how about a flat beginning platform 4. A really flat world the flattest and biggest map is the desert but there are still some hills so there should be a green and hillless map 5 more builds and props there should be liked pools and kitchen stuff and things like that 6. Edible food it gets weird serving my customers a box and then having to delete it so food items should have a consume button 7. A higher item amount  I always keep on hitting the to many items mark when building a city so you should make it higher I know that you guys/gals are busy with things but these are some of my thoughts but you don’t have to add them but either way you gals/guys are the best keep up the great work
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    I know, another one. Look I put these down as I think of them in case I forget later. I feel like there should be more weapons besides just a handgun. Here’s sone guns I think should be added. 1. SMGs. There are a lot of gang things and it’s be cool to have some SMGs in the bunch! Same damage per shot as handgun, just full-autos a lot faster. 2. Assault Rifles. One of the coolest gun types in my opinion. More powerful than handgun, slightly slower fire rate than SMG. 3. SNIPERS! Do I have to explain this... BATTLING FROM ROOFTOPS IS HARD WITHOUT SNIPERS! 2 shot kill anywhere except head, 1 shot kill on head. 4. Machine Guns. Big, good ol’ fashion killing machines. Y’know, the big rapid fire guns with huge belts on ‘em. Slightly less powerful shots than Assault Rifles, but faster fire rate, with a speed reduction (of moving the character) when wielding. 5. Shotguns. #BulletSpread4Lyfe! Same deal with the SMGs for reasoning, but they would shoot a crap ton of bullets as powerful as handgun rounds at once in a large, close range area. 6. ANYTHING EXPLOSIVE! Rocket Launchers preferred, but grenade launchers work too. I can’t even EXPRESS how fun it is to blow stuff up in sandbox games! Explosives would be a 1 shot kill ANYWHERE, and they’d be the only ones capable of destroying vehicles. 7. A more varied handgun selection. That’s kinda needed for a more varied gun selection. For instance, a revolver would have slower fire rate, but do more damage, if you catch my drift. I can’t even express how much the game would improve with more weapons! I do also suggest that you make like 1 or 2 of each category available with cash, and 1 or 2 per category costing gems. Probably make the weapons in each category vary a bit (like a better assault rifle would cost more cash/gems). Thank you for reading yet another... well, essay is the only way I can put it. XD
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    Ok, so here’s a few suggestions on the vehicles that I think would be enjoyable. 1. Multiple seats. All the vehicles so far look like they’d have multiple seats, just add like another 1-3 seats, for a total of 2 seats or 4 seats (unless they look single seated). 2. Destructive. Please oh please make the vehicles destructive, it would be so much more realistic, especially if you add explosive weapons. 3. Weapons. PLEASE ADD VEHICLES WITH WEAPONS! Tanks, armored cars, helicopters with weapons, planes with weapons, just vehicles with weapons would be SOOOOO COOL! And so much fun! 4. ADD PLANES IN GENERAL! Planes would be sooooo cool, especially on bigger or flatter maps, like Speedway, Desert, or Military Base. Thank you for reading these suggestions, and I hope you at least consider! P.S. I wouldn’t be surprised if people came up with at least one of these already.
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    For example, chair, at the top of your screen will say 'sit' and once you sit and you want to get off, at the same spot of the sit button it will be replaced by the 'stand up' button and possibly add beds on the same update too.
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    How about being able to friend request someone!
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    Hello, I am Pillar and today,I am suggesting a LOT of things. First, I think Cats it should add a mode where you can make people I. Servers admins so they can delete and kick and everything. SECOND. you should make trucks, jets, snowmobiles, motorcycles, cheaper cars that are fast but cost money instead of gems, and war helicopters like the green giant from Vietnam War. For cars I reccomend making these cars, are Tesla kind of car,the bat mobile, car that transforms into a spider, a maserati car, a Ferrari car, and a Lamborghini car. Third, you should make it optional to have guns in a server. Fourth, you should make new maps such as the following: Easter Island, North Pole, Titanic, Atlantic Ocean, middle ages, Zombie Apocolype, Jail, and more. And, you should allow people to go inside the houses and make real zombies instead of making them just for decoration. Fifth, you should add more items like straight roads, curving roads, lava fountain. Jetpack, Spear, sword, dinosaurs, different colored walls and flooring, trap doors, shields, elevators and bikes. Sixth, make the maximum amount of people in a server 24 and stop the lagging a little bit so we can create without lag. Seventh, make a bigger maximum amount of blocks. That is all, I hope the gamke develops into something bigger and I hope you like this idea.
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    OK, the weapon update has already been published, it's time to start working on your suggestions
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    For the track wall itself, on the infield wall there should be more track access points and an entrance way from the pits to the garage. The road course is partially blocked off as there is a wall that prevents the cars from racing on the part of the road course that takes the cars to the backstretch. Next you should add cars made specifically for the speedway map that go two times faster than the other cars (NASCAR cars, F1, ect). The current selection of cars are really slow,which makes the speedway map less fun, not taking in the fact that I'd I wanted faster cars I would have to buy them.
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    Change the run animation for players and animals. Add an option to change the transparency and color of the buttons. Add health indicators to players and animals. Add another button which opens the chat history. Add another door, which allows only the player who placed it to open it. Add anti-pvp option in the server menu. Add server commands. For example: "/gamerule pvp false" i got the idea from minecraft
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    Концепт интерфейса чата, который может открываться при нажатии на иконку сообщения. Есть 4 вида чатов: 1. Глобальный, общий чат для всех игроков. 2. Чат мира ( сервера ). Для всех игроков на сервере. 3. Чат с друзьями. Если будет система друзей, то в данном чате можно будет с ними общаться. 4. Чаты по языкам. Игрок может выбрать чаты с теми языками, которые он знает. В них он сможет общаться со всеми, кто выбрали те же чаты. P. S. В скриншоте есть "пасхалка".
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    I have a suggestion how about adding signs to sandbox 3D signs are super helpful for writing secret messages to people without everyone seeing in the chat, or signs could used to wrote warnings in front of buildings like “do not enter” or put them in the spawn point and say “do not kill”
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    Catsbit, to make sandbox more fun, and exiting. We would like to get atleast 4 more weapons or maybe add melee weapons. We will also like to have the feature to add freinds, and see what server they are on. Thats all.
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    How long till the next update
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    Адекватное предожения к разработке игры. 1. В игре очень много агро-игроков, нужно добавить помимо команды Kick ещё и бан, хотя бы на время 2. Поработайте над анимацией, приседания, сесть на стул, лечь и так далее 3. Добавьте употребление пищи, шкалу еды и воды 4. Добавьте разрушаемость авто, хотя бы пробития колес (также чтобы в машину можно было сесть хотя бы 2ум игрокам) 5. Желательно голосовой чат не помешает, так же команду мут для него 6. Добавьте NPC, таких как зомби например, или простых животных, чтобы у них была просто анимация движения 7. Добавьте транспорт - такси, родстер, велосипед, грузовик, самолёт или что то ещё 8. Добавьте функцию покраски объектов, таких как стены, двери и т.д 9. Добавьте функцию рельефа на создании карты, плоские карты слишком однообразны 10. Добавьте быстрые команды в чате, ко мне, или на помощь 11. Добавьте команды персонажей, чтобы при заходе на сервер игроки выбрали между 2мя сторонами ( например красные и синие) , красные не могут убивать красных, но могут убивать синих и так далее 12. Добавьте возможность админам сервера полностью ломать любой объект, а то случаются моменты когда люди поставят транспорт который нельзя убрать 13. Также требуется динамичная смена суток и погоды 14. Переработайте покупки, через программу Lucky Patcher очень легко получить игровую валюту и разблокировать все скины. Думаю пока все, с этими нововведениями, игра уже будет похожа на реальную "Sandbox" с уклоном к Roleplay режиму
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    1.please add more buildings props and ramps 2.a way to earn money like missions 3.more guns ar, sniper, shotgun and smg 4.game modes deathmatch, battle royale and search and destroy Thank you if you read this and I hope you like them.
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    Надо бы добавить сьедобных трав и ягод, также чтобы с деревьев при рубке валились плоды или хотя бы орехи и шишки. Возможно сделать предмет для сбора плодов и шишек, без того, чтобы рубить дерево. Также стоит сделать удочку и рыбную ловлю , выращивание растений на грядках и многое другое. Можно ввести еще параметр жажды(вдобавок к голоду).
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    Thanks for the reply! I can't wait the new update You are the best!
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    I think there should be a ban button so spammers can be ban can’t come back with different name and mess it up -Kazuki(game name)
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    Survival mode against zombies where you can earn money and gems. Get gems for killing enemies Load saved maps offline More weapons some free and some for gems and cash More vehicles more SWAT vehicles and military vehicles please helicopters also! More characters and maps! Thanks and please reply ASAP please add this stuff! I love your game!
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    Hello, Catsbit... I've come to experience, its two games, the Cubic Sandbox and the Sandbox 3d, I'll be blunt and say that I prefer the 3d Sandbox, however some things the Cubic Sandbox could come to the 3d Sandbox, like the physics of vehicles, among others , but what I want more and SandBox 3d has more intensity and a better physics, fall damage, besides food that gave to give more life to the character, I hope you read this suggestion, I love the Sandbox 3d, thank you
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    Thank you and keep up the great work
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    Maybe you could be able to spawn NPCs by selecting them in the item menu.
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    Уже работаем над этим.
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    Надо добавить больше кустов, ягод грибов, добавить мультиплеер, обновить броню.
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    Yes, I know about this issue. To solve it, a system of accounts and bans will soon be developed and implemented into the game.
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    I think, its a bad idea because its a little developper and need earn money by the shop of money...
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    Ok, on multiplayer, I’ll place down props and stuff and I CAN’T delete them, even though I PLACED them. Only the owner can. That goes for everything except vehicles. Please make it so that on multiplayer YOU can delete things that YOU placed. Thank you for your time, and I hope you fix this. P.S. I know I have a LOT of suggestions, but, for a beta, it’s a great game.
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    У меня есть пара идей для этой игры. Надеюсь что хотя бы некоторые вы добавите. Во первых у меня есть идеи для скинов: зомби, строитель, скелет, обычный человек (не военный, не робот а просто чел в футболке и джинсах) тоже самое только женская версия, по скинам это всё. Также у меня есть идеи для предметов: шина, диск от колеса, CD диск, сапог, консерв, кровать, телевизор, телефон, шкаф, у меня ещё много идей и я перечислил все основные. И ещё просьба сделать отдельный предмет для стопки денег и для одной купюры. Заранее спасибо если вы что-то из этого добавите.
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    I feel like that sounds cool. But I wouldn’t really enjoy that specific thing for the entirety of single player. Like, remove the food part, and put everything else into multiplayer, and that’s a damn good game.
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    Please add more content I love this game and would like to play more I've done all I can do and would love to continue playing
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    Ok, so I just joined the game today, and have noticed something I don’t necessarily find... necessary. In the build section, you have to put certain things on certain things, like you can’t place a wall without a house base. I feel that it would be nice for this to be removed, as it would add sooooo many more building possibilities. Thank you for reading.
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    Hey Catsbit! I’d just like to bring to your notice I have seen a few players in game becoming irritated, and on some occasions I can agree, that some people are simply playing the game to shoot others and ruin the game experience for them. There’s two very simple solutions for this. Either while your ingame, in your menu you can access an option where you can enable and disable PVP, or when you create a server, there is an option for whether or not a server cam have PVP enabled, or not enable. This would definitely improve player experiences, and prevent players whom has a sole purpose to spam people with shots, and purposely aggravate fellow players, -peak
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    Thanks for the suggestion. In future updates, this function will be added.
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    Instead of "suicide", you can respawn in the pause menu.
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    Sorry for being annoying, but there are still some little things that I wanna suggest: -Add more types of walls (with different sizes and different formats of doors and windows). -Add a lower ground base. -Add more stair directions. -Add ramps. -I love the building system, but there are some parts that don't fit (1-3). Please fix. Bonus: (This is a bug) When I aim down I can shoot myself (4-5).
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    You need to add the ability to get into the car to a friend and add guns, but for a large fee, who supports put below plus
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    Just some ideas I had while playing: -Add car explosion. -Add a first person view. -Add some kind of god mode so that players can fly , that will make it easier to build. It can be activated by typing a code in the chat (something like the creative mode in minecraft). -Add functional mechanisms such as elevators, lights and eletronic objects. -Add a gravity gun to lift props. -Add game modes for public and private servers such as Hide and Seek, Murder and Deathmatch. I love this game, hope you guys make it even better!
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    Awesome! Thanks for the reply! I know that you guys will make this game the best on mobile!
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    I was woundering when you guys were going to add guns and motorbikes and also you should have a grappling hook for 1 jem with the guns update.
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    Очень много народу ждет выхода симулятора выживания. Было бы не плохо, добавить раздел "Новости" для каждой игры и туда выкладывать статьи о внесенных изменениях и над чем сейчас идет работа. Текст + скрины того, что проделано. Думаю многим было бы интересно на это взглянуть и следить.
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    Начнем с малого. [Добавьте возможность быть пассажиром , садиться с человеком в одну машину, вертолет] 1. Прошу великопочтенных разработчиков ПОЛНОСТЬЮ ПЕРЕЙТИ и заняться развитием ТОЛЬКО проекта Sandbox 3D. 2. Я считаю, что просто необходимо добавить команды для RP-процессов. /me (действие от человека) /do (Факт) /try (Попытка) 3. Перейдем к ГЛОБАЛЬНОМУ. 1) Виды оружия ОГНЕСТРЕЛЬНОЕ/ХОЛОДНОЕ/ПО ПЛОЩАДИ 2) Новые предметы, просто необходимые для РП: АНИМАЦИИ [Ползти,упасть, присесть] 3) НОВЫЕ ПРЕДМЕТЫ: КОКТЕЙЛЬ МОЛОТОВА, БУТЫЛКИ, РЮМКИ, ДОРОГИ, СТЕНЫ ДЛЯ ДОМА,ДВЕРЬ, САМОЛЕТ
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    Добавьте оружия, ну и больше скинов(на людей), машин, вертолетов!) Желаю удачи! P.S: хочу тоже стать разработчиком, и терпеть жалобы пользователей!)))
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    If your struggling to get the multiplayer up and running just give me a message, I can help if needed
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    Is door locks and c4 going to be added to the multiplayer
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    Добавьте Сохранение Оружие (Ak 47, m16, rpg, digl и т.п) Чат ( обязательно! ) Больше скорости дорогим машинам! ( обязательно! ) Военную технику ( танк, пушка) Военные самолёты ( истребитель, военный вертолёт) Звуковой чат Больше декора ( двери, окна, телевизор, кавры и т.п) Смена дня и ночи ( обязательно! ) Больше возможностей админу И главное СДЕЛАЙТЕ ЛУЧШЕ ОПТИМЕЗАЦЫЮ Пока что всё Ну это не конец предложений )
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    Oh please catsbit can you please fix vehicle spamming which causes low frames in servers, this makes the game litteraly unplayable in some situations, here’s a video of it.