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    What’s new: Upgrading walls to stone and iron Looting of dead bodies (after the death a backpack with loot remains) Change of settings and control buttons Footsteps sounds What’s fixed Falling through the foundation after spawn Getting into foundation Disappearing of buildings Flying objects after the building decay Compass adjusted Hunting rifle charged with 5.56 Time of crafting of stick reduced Some building bugs fixed Attention! Spawn under the map is not completely fixed! Please reload the game in order to keep all your resources
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    Shadow fox wdym TGT strikes again?
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    but thx for making best game ever
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    I was thinking that it would nice and casual to be able to sit on the furniture. And also perhaps voice chat... but honestly your text chat is very simple and quick. And also a first person view.
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    Let’s us be able to remove walls doors floors etc with the hammer because when I want to build a base I don’t have metal so I use wooden doors and then when I want to upgrade everything including the door I have to either destroy the doors or make another base and this will also be helpful if you accidentally mess up and place a wall in the wrong space
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    Make skins that can be bought, but do not make it pay 2 win so everyone can still enjoy the game.
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    @survival simulater fan @Fan @Emo Johnny/Bones Hi everyone, The update will be within 2 weeks as promised. Please check our topic News in Oxide: Survival Island to keep up with the news.
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    Hey @Catsbit.Dev I’m just wondering about how often server restarts are. I’d like to keep track. If you can provide a date and how often I’d appreciate thanks.
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    Hi there, We haven't decided yet what will be added in the nearest update and what will be added later Probably we will share this list with players as soon as we do it
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    August 1st is the latest.
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    It be cool if you add a friends list and see if they are active or not
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    - Add a tool to change the walls and ground texture. The texture image could be selected from the gallery. - Add doors and more props for internal decoration. - Add custom ragdolls and NPCs. - Add a new map with a forest theme and nature props such as trees and bushes. - Bonus suggestion: a day/night cycle would be cool too.
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    I think it would be cool if you guys could add exclusive items and monuments to the other biomes it would give more of a reason to go to them
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    Please just stop misusing this forum. If you wish to discuss matters with me, you can so inside Discord. Thanks. Bones.
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    Yeah when will update of oxide come
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    Добавьте возможность менять кнопки управления местами, очень нужная функция, и настройки графики бы не помешали, заранее спасибо
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    You should hire people or send people from the dev team to control servers and shut them down if they are ruining the game (Or being inappropriate) Wanted to ask if that is possible.
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    Add guns and weapons Add accounts and friending system
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    Nobody is a retard. I've gotten sick of you, so please, take this lightly, but FUCK OFF.
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    Hey, but uh, this comment is ableist. Please remove it. If you don't know what ableism is, look it up.
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    trying to accelerate our work..
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    Hi there, This idea is very great, due to that it is useful for certain landmarks. Thank you for the suggestions. The Community, and the developers appreciate all of them. There is a chance Catsbit.Care will reply to the topic.
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    Адекватное предожения к разработке игры. 1. В игре очень много агро-игроков, нужно добавить помимо команды Kick ещё и бан, хотя бы на время 2. Поработайте над анимацией, приседания, сесть на стул, лечь и так далее 3. Добавьте употребление пищи, шкалу еды и воды 4. Добавьте разрушаемость авто, хотя бы пробития колес (также чтобы в машину можно было сесть хотя бы 2ум игрокам) 5. Желательно голосовой чат не помешает, так же команду мут для него 6. Добавьте NPC, таких как зомби например, или простых животных, чтобы у них была просто анимация движения 7. Добавьте транспорт - такси, родстер, велосипед, грузовик, самолёт или что то ещё 8. Добавьте функцию покраски объектов, таких как стены, двери и т.д 9. Добавьте функцию рельефа на создании карты, плоские карты слишком однообразны 10. Добавьте быстрые команды в чате, ко мне, или на помощь 11. Добавьте команды персонажей, чтобы при заходе на сервер игроки выбрали между 2мя сторонами ( например красные и синие) , красные не могут убивать красных, но могут убивать синих и так далее 12. Добавьте возможность админам сервера полностью ломать любой объект, а то случаются моменты когда люди поставят транспорт который нельзя убрать 13. Также требуется динамичная смена суток и погоды 14. Переработайте покупки, через программу Lucky Patcher очень легко получить игровую валюту и разблокировать все скины. Думаю пока все, с этими нововведениями, игра уже будет похожа на реальную "Sandbox" с уклоном к Roleplay режиму
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    I know, another one. Look I put these down as I think of them in case I forget later. I feel like there should be more weapons besides just a handgun. Here’s sone guns I think should be added. 1. SMGs. There are a lot of gang things and it’s be cool to have some SMGs in the bunch! Same damage per shot as handgun, just full-autos a lot faster. 2. Assault Rifles. One of the coolest gun types in my opinion. More powerful than handgun, slightly slower fire rate than SMG. 3. SNIPERS! Do I have to explain this... BATTLING FROM ROOFTOPS IS HARD WITHOUT SNIPERS! 2 shot kill anywhere except head, 1 shot kill on head. 4. Machine Guns. Big, good ol’ fashion killing machines. Y’know, the big rapid fire guns with huge belts on ‘em. Slightly less powerful shots than Assault Rifles, but faster fire rate, with a speed reduction (of moving the character) when wielding. 5. Shotguns. #BulletSpread4Lyfe! Same deal with the SMGs for reasoning, but they would shoot a crap ton of bullets as powerful as handgun rounds at once in a large, close range area. 6. ANYTHING EXPLOSIVE! Rocket Launchers preferred, but grenade launchers work too. I can’t even EXPRESS how fun it is to blow stuff up in sandbox games! Explosives would be a 1 shot kill ANYWHERE, and they’d be the only ones capable of destroying vehicles. 7. A more varied handgun selection. That’s kinda needed for a more varied gun selection. For instance, a revolver would have slower fire rate, but do more damage, if you catch my drift. I can’t even express how much the game would improve with more weapons! I do also suggest that you make like 1 or 2 of each category available with cash, and 1 or 2 per category costing gems. Probably make the weapons in each category vary a bit (like a better assault rifle would cost more cash/gems). Thank you for reading yet another... well, essay is the only way I can put it. XD
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    For example, chair, at the top of your screen will say 'sit' and once you sit and you want to get off, at the same spot of the sit button it will be replaced by the 'stand up' button and possibly add beds on the same update too.
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    How about being able to friend request someone!
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    It's already in the to-do-list. For the next following updates. Thanks for the suggestions @Idk
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    @Catsbit.Care pls release the update on play store first , and for app store later as it could take more time . Please
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    Hey @VELOZØ The update will be there soon. Just give it a few more days
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    voice chat could be abused
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    I hope not I’m so desperate for a new update
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    Hi there, What are your thoughts on the new update? In the first photo, there seems to be a wardrobe, maybe to change our character's appearance? In the last photo, there seems to be a cash register, maybe to purchase goods from other players? If you take a look in the top-left, they have included something about building. Let me know your thoughts by replying to this post. If you haven't seen the new photos of the update, I am going to provide them here; Sincerely, Survivor
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    Yes, we are likely to do it.
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    13. Добавьте ещё звуки шагов других игроков, а то не слышно их и убивают со спины( (The sounds of footsteps of other players, otherwise they are not heard and are killed from the back)
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    Will there be in game purchases? Imagine if you could watch ads to speed up crafting
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    Hey! Wouldn’t it be cool if we could dim the brightness of all the controls, so at night time on the game, it wouldn’t be as blinding. Also if we could customise the placement and size of each one, just like on Counter Attack FPS
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    alright i'll check it out and see if there's more bugs
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    Привет, Да, это одна из проблем игры Survival Simulator И вот, завтра выйдет наша новая игра, где эта проблема будет решена Следите за новостями на форуме и в соц сетях!
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    Добавьте пожалуйста: 1Редакцию персонажа( ну костюмы, шляпы, броню и т.д.) 2Больший выбор карт. 3Новые блоки для строительства. 4Граффити (т.е. можно с помощью них рисовать на стенах) 5И сделайте пожалуйста так чтобы можно было заходить в здания заранее построенные на выбранной карте. 6Добавте NPC в конце концов. 7Сделайте : Survival mod(режим выживания) Creative mod(режим строительства с неограниченным запасом блоков) И наконец: режим переключения (тоже самое что и выживание только с сюжетом) На этом всё, но предложения ещё не закончились
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    Me and some of my friends were playing survival simulator but after I joined a different sever everything on my sever had disappeared. Me and my friend played for hours to get what we had in that sever and then it just all disappeared.
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    This is too much for the lazy-ass devs.
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    Please remove the building limit Catsbit, please
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    У вас отсутствует интернет-подключение для получения ежедневного вознаграждения или же сервис недоступен. Если с у вас с интернетом все в порядке и сервис по-прежнему недоступен - сообщите нам об этом.
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    I had this idea the other day and want to share it with you guys. We would like to be able to make clans. The ability of being in a clan is you can see what server anyone (who's in your clan) is in Features of owning a clan. You can merge clans or become Ally's You can do clan chat. If your in a random persons server you and your clan mates can chat privately without the outsiders knowing what your saying Clan voice chat. The same as the clan chat but with sound Sharing money/diamonds. People can send money and or diamonds Design a clan skin. Use a blank skin and the owner can design that skin Design a clan flag. Draw amazing designs on a flag. Or draw something stupid-_- Point is this game has the potential for one of the best games!!
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    Hi there, I am a very good helper of ten Catsbit community. My job is to help users, along with Catsbit.Care This is probably a glitch with the new 0.3.0 update, resulting in data loss due to the app changing. Thanks for helping improve the game. You may get a response from Catsbit, maybe or not.
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    Allow users to save maps when a member. This is Incase I’m looking for maps for mini-games
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    Начнем с малого. [Добавьте возможность быть пассажиром , садиться с человеком в одну машину, вертолет] 1. Прошу великопочтенных разработчиков ПОЛНОСТЬЮ ПЕРЕЙТИ и заняться развитием ТОЛЬКО проекта Sandbox 3D. 2. Я считаю, что просто необходимо добавить команды для RP-процессов. /me (действие от человека) /do (Факт) /try (Попытка) 3. Перейдем к ГЛОБАЛЬНОМУ. 1) Виды оружия ОГНЕСТРЕЛЬНОЕ/ХОЛОДНОЕ/ПО ПЛОЩАДИ 2) Новые предметы, просто необходимые для РП: АНИМАЦИИ [Ползти,упасть, присесть] 3) НОВЫЕ ПРЕДМЕТЫ: КОКТЕЙЛЬ МОЛОТОВА, БУТЫЛКИ, РЮМКИ, ДОРОГИ, СТЕНЫ ДЛЯ ДОМА,ДВЕРЬ, САМОЛЕТ
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    Is door locks and c4 going to be added to the multiplayer