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  1. a friend system . a custom block limit . more weapons'. loadable maps wile playing. saving individual structures to be loaded in game later.
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    I CAN'T WAIT!!!
  3. I'm sorry to hear that, I play Sandbox 3D a lot and sometimes confuse my social experiences with survival sim. I hope Survival Simulator follows sandbox 3D, in that all of the hackers get board, and go away forevermore!!! ?
  4. I'm so glad to hear that! I feel like I have been seeing less moders lately, witch is probably due too there bad reputation, and just the fact that the novelty has started to were off. I am pretty confident that in a copple of month's, update, or no update, the game will slowly return to a "more or less" normal state. but you never know people are unpredictable, literally anything could happen?. keep your fingers crossed ? have fun, and game hard... just not too hard ?
  5. you have no ideia how much code they'd half to change to do that. but if you really want A game with a ''passenger system mechanic'', and you have an android phone, try simple sandbox. its actually pretty good. ? ~bjb Simple Sandbox 2 - Apps on Google Play
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    How do i get coal.

    idk I could be Ronge. don't give up yet!!! their might still be hope. you never know maybe the devs are just about to release an awesome update. ~ ßjß
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    half a year actually. but still.
  8. but its a well textured 1911 blackwater probably download from poly or inventables, what's not to love. except the agonizingly slow firing speed, and the fact that you never reload, and that they don't let you use the irons, and...
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    is this anuf time,.. its a year later,
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    I just wanted to apologies for my harsh linguistics, XD
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    How do i get coal.

    Iv played this game a ton, and as far I can tell the dev's aren't into cool ester eggs. sry. And don't even think of asking for one in an update because as far I can tell the dev's just aren't into cool updates. ? ~ ßjß
  12. it might be just what your looking for. I've found it is awful on sandbox 3d, and cubic sandbox, though it works pretty well on survival sim, and simple sandbox. ~ßjß
  13. I would post an image to show ya but catsbit has band me or something, just fiddle around with NOX for a wile k.
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    Name color?

    if you not into that kind of stuff it can be so boring ? lol
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    Name color?

    its called html example <p> <span style="font-size:20px;"> <span style="color:#27ae60;"> <u> <strong> example </strong> </u> </span> </span> </p> all that code was for (text-"example") (<span style="color:#27ae60;"> <! this is the color code) (#27ae60 <! this is the hex for green) (<p> <! defines a paragraph) (<span style="font-size:20px;"> <! text size) (<u> <! To underline a text) you get the picture
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    I really hope its the latter. (mega update)
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    they could hire me ,-, I can animate, and rig modals, and texture modals, and modal, and script, also I know my way around unity, but I don't think they used unity.?
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    I totally agree, I just meant the hackers that ruin other (potential game fans) experience's those are the bad ones. I too have met a moder that that was just using his mods to enrich other players gaming experiences. I just wish they were all like that
  19. I used NOX before, and I don't know if id recommend it, my mouse and keyboard were not an option for input methods, so I hade to use my duleshock controller witch was a nightmear, sins I suck at using a game controller. just play it on a phone its meant to be a mobile game. ~bjb
  20. that's what he seed, I cant really under stand it, but its what he seed. XD
  21. @ValenGoYT Okay what happens is that you take the game as a movie (like deveria) And not like these who only criticize with their 20 members can control much of the server
  22. I play in an emulator on my pc so I don't have that problem. but this makes me oblivions to the fact that others may be experiencing lag, so sometimes when people join my server the lag is so bad they have to leave, in conclusion having a fast phone (or PC) is more of a curse. ~bjb
  23. I'm not recommending myself or anything, but I do have 5 years "and growing" of XP in unity... just saying ? XD