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  1. For starters they could optimize their assets a little bit more optimize the rendering of textures optimize the amount of code that gets sent to the server and back to your phone But right now I think their highest priority would be making their code unreadable so mod makers cannot just Change the the jump force Or gun damage
  2. bro If you are a game dev using unity you can do anything…
  3. the reason why I put ? after what I type is so people don't think I'm righting looking like this ?? XD
  4. ok so I could be wrong bought this but.. I remember way bake when u first added guns to sandbox 3d it really changed the whole dynamics of the game. like.. it went from being a fun game for ‪6n^ to like... a war zone, and I mean... it has calmed down a bit. but if u add more guns it might start that all up again. and again this is just speculation. I... I guess we will find out. I hope I'm wrong ?
  5. bjb3n


    sorry I doubted u mr/Ms @Catsbit.Care XD
  6. I know I'm not stupid ok!! ? also (tip) just because you disagree with someone dosent mean you should start talking like a pooping sailor its super un professional and it makes u look bad.
  7. the game link will be on the oxide forum page I think... ссылка на игру будет на странице оксидного форума я думаю ...
  8. When will the new game appear on the google play app store (exactly)
  9. because no matter we're u are their are bullies. if u add full auto guns plz make them weaker. yess I realize that a 557 is way more powerful than a 9mm. but I just don't won't op's using their moms card to bully everybody. ?
  10. I will admit I worded that a little wrong I'm sorry if I gave the wrong impression, still... chill... seriously...
  11. I really hope adding more guns doesn't ruin the game...
  12. I sorta thought so... thanks!
  13. I'm not supporting people who are RACIST. racism is terrible!!! all I'm saying is I don't think the catsbit forum is the place to slander, and tell the world that... Hans is gay, juner is homophobic, and Hannah is RACIST, because what if your totally wrong ... too late now every one thinks that they are. please think before you tell the forum that bjb3n is actually a... monkey (because I'm not) ;)
  14. just because you say the n word does not mean your racist, it just means you don't mind saying things that can sometimes offend people, that being sed I don't support people who swear or say such things, it is unexpectable!! still you should not go around labeling people, and ruining them on the internet, that is low. I'm sure she has some excuse altho that always do XD
  15. on this topic... what is this icon for, it's not a button or an indicator or a health bar, what is it? why did u add it? will u remove it?
  16. XD just be patient
  17. I can explain, so in sandbox 3D an survival sim there r 2 kinds of players 1 those who play the normal way 2 those who play using mods and this guy wants to know how he can become a jerk like UAS nuke (no a-fence I’m sure ur nice irl) And get the same mod oh btw I think are friend uas makes his own mods…
  18. how much text in the UI must to be modified to allow for a new language? or do u need to perches a new server every time u add a language to keep um separate?
  19. i'd love to bata test to, if I can!!! I'm so glad to hear that you have the game almost ready. We new u could do it!!!
  20. bjb3n

    Building glitch

    its the games prop limit. (1000 blocks) the fact that this is you're biggest map kind of explains it. I'm sorry, I totally know how you feel. I once created a map in the sky, reasoned, and found I couldn't create a helicopter to get back up. ?‍♂️ unless the devs change something there is nothing you can do. hold onto the map you never know! .')
  21. don't wear yourself out, trying to please everybody. if it takes a little longer for you to configure you servers, that's ok! just do your best and try keep us informed.
  22. by server do u mean... (A) a computer program or device that provides functionality for other programs or devices, called clients. (like you sold your server, and now your having sellers remorse, and you want it back.) (B) your in game maps. (like you reset you phone, and now all your game progress is gone, including all your maps.) welp for option (A) you sold it, and now its his/hers, and if she/he wants to sell it back, then that's fine, but don't count on it. and for option (B) if U reset your phone, or deleted the app, or something similar, the maps are gone. I'm story they just are.