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  1. Bro i also face same problem n im not usin any wofi router i use cellular data to play oxide n my connection always stable when i play other online games but oxide
  2. I uploaded but cant send idk
  3. https://youtube.com/shorts/MkTNuqv5Df4?feature=share4
  4. Idk how to send recoding bro
  5. Tht what o thought bro but the devs their brains are like chicken brains they think slow
  6. Everytime when I join a ever I get a red ping immediately when I spawn in server n before the update everything was in good shape i guess u touched the wrong file when u were updatin pls can u fix that bcs we cant do anything if we play red ping bcs we cant kill animals or geather any resources pls fix that I believe in u vs @Catsbit.Care
  7. Did u ever saw me hack bro other players say i hack n ih been playin the game for like 2n½ years of experience n they come to forums n say i hack bruh never hack in my life n dont come here too to say i hack u guys are just crasy?
  8. Thats what grown ups always say to other eeps when they say age restricted words
  9. Is tht all u said mybe what u said maybe is age restricted n we have kids in this game
  10. Yes i used to do i hack or. Did u ever saw me hackin this was a false ban no cap
  11. Devs why did u ban my acc n i have never been using cheats like forever n after i came to school i load the game i join my server n guess what i get instant kicked from server n what i saw is u got permanent ban like why n that acount have all my purchases in the game so i will jeed refund if u dont unban me by the end of the day this anti cheat of urs needs to ficlxed i get banned for no reason n i never hack the game in my life
  12. After u get killed but u don't die instantly and u can be revived And when I say sleepers I mean when u disconnect ur character stays in the game and u don't dc in the middle of the fight or stash ur loot in ur inv when u log off for the night everything that's in the game stays in the game and when u get raided we find who was the owner of the base so yah it will reduce the amount of people's dc in middle of fights when they low hp.
  13. Add unconscious when u have a team so they can revive u and not die same time the enemies finish u there must be the kneeling part where u can't do anything but only kneeling down waiting to be revived maybe the kneeling down should take atleast 30s to die or if u lucky enough u could be back on ur feet depending how much bleeding u having Also add bleeding like if I hit u with a bow u should have a bleeding thing like when u cold and there's something that notice u u cold just below the health bar and u know how percents u bleeding Also add the medkit healing button in the game not in the inventory. Maybe if u put ur medkit in the equipable sort of thing u could be able to equip ur medkit and there should be a medkit button only when u holding a medkit .this thing of going in ur inv to use a medkit is bad when coming to pvp cause u are forced to be afk to heal up.i am sure my suggestions will be taken consigned
  14. 20221205_003123.mp4
  15. 20221205_003123.mp4
  16. Make triangle foundation and triangle floor next update add also roof
  17. Digger²


    Cheaters Aimbot cheaters ban them I beg