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  1. He's online right now. Ban him please. He always killing players in the server.
  2. He took all of my stuffs, and killed me using hack:(. Please! ban him!
  4. Record_2022-12-22-23-31-09_4ef2ebc844a075bb97173ed8673c7a1a.mp4
  5. PLEASE! BAN THIS HACKER. THANK YOU lv_0_20221216141240.mp4
  6. Hoping for hackers can't join anymore.
  7. PLEASE!!! BAN THIS HACKER. lv_0_20221211153822.mp4
  8. PLEASE!!! BAN THIS HACKER. HE ALWAYS KILLED AND ALL MY LOOTS WAS GONE. lv_0_20221211153904.mp4 lv_0_20221211153904.mp4
  9. lv_0_20221211105336.mp4
  10. Pls! ban these hackers. Thank you.
  11. pls ban these two hackers. lv_0_20221209214930.mp4