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  1. i found this in the forum! look below sandbox 3d!
  2. hackers ruined all of catsbit's games.
  3. i'm not trying to mock you or anything, and it's not that i didn't understand you, it's just that I was confused who you were addressing.
  4. yeah they abandoned their old account and made a new one
  5. well first of all, those suggestions are vague and don't address why. second of all, catsbit is making a new game based on survival simulator released within the next 2 weeks.
  6. well that's mainly because it's your only one...
  7. even if survival simulator itself isn't getting the updates, it's going to be basically the same thing once it comes out with the old survival simulator just being there for nostalgia.
  8. again, put this in questions because it fits even less in suggestions and bug reports survival simulator will most likely recieve the update in the next 2 weeks, in fact I can almost guarantee it because they said early june. now that the update is only 2 weeks away, what are you guys going to do in the new update?
  9. galaxy tablet E lite. it's fine though, I usually play survival simulator.
  10. on survival simulator they're working on a hacker fix, probably ones coming to cubic sandbox soon.
  11. you forgot bandoleer, guns on back ect. for decoration
  12. the new game is just going to be survival simulator with updates, probably going to be called survival simulator 2
  13. shoot it for a while or use an axe, but if you do you won't be able to get it back.
  14. I know you probably won't read this, but I was reading some older survival simulator posts and saw something interesting. you know how catsbit gave a mini-teaser on the forums about features in the new update? one of the suggestions (base deterioration) was on the teaser, and it was on a post back in 2019, which catsbit replied to.
  15. when I open the game, my fuel is automatically empty and I can't move.
  16. i'm not sure you noticed, the "lol" at the end implied it was a joke
  17. they should add this for april fools lol
  18. I put this in questions because it fits even less in suggestions and bug reports. what I mean is, we seem to know everything for now. the hackers are going to be fixed, catsbit's new game (apparently an improvement on SS) will be released in early june proof of release date: the hackers issue has been addressed, ect. So, we're pretty much up to date as a community.
  19. we've been asking for the release date for a while, thanks!