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  1. @PIGGY!! @Emo Johnny please discuss this somewhere else, the forums are a place to talk about bugs and things related to the games
  2. I can tell english isn't the first language of 90% of people in this thread
  3. I think they may be inactive for the weekend
  4. Firestar9990


    don't they already have ladder?
  5. bro u dead or something?

  6. it happens. sad to hear still
  7. Firestar9990


    question: why did you reply to a topic that was almost 2 years old?
  8. you need to select it
  9. if he hit you in the head it's still oneshot
  10. that's what sleeping bag is
  11. still fun, just less improved.
  12. you can kill people with an axe
  13. why don't you go back to your job at the EA and stay there?
  14. Firestar9990

    New Uptade

    I don't play this game much anymore, but my in game name is firestar9990
  15. so you think that's good?
  16. in survival simulator it was oneshot everywhere except legs and arms
  17. Firestar9990

    New Uptade

    they are trying to fix it, I do not know when there will be any bug fixes
  18. I think the reason is that the rocket can destroy entire bases in just 3 or so shots