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  1. can you add PC controls? it's hard to play this game using a pc with the touch controls, I have to move the mouse to the hit button to hit and It's hard to loot animals because you need to hit them with an axe while crouching, and I can't do that with the mouse alone
  2. I'm american but yeah, maybe add some more worldwide servers?
  3. its not like that can be avoided. plus, it prevents people from raiding the base of an offline player
  4. you could make a basic profanity filter in a few languages, that would still reduce the amount of swearing
  5. soon they'll make it where you can loot bodies
  6. sometimes I think people on here might not know english very well, occasionally it's hard to tell what they're talking about
  7. Firestar9990


    what language do you normally speak? the developer speaks many languages, they may be able to help you in your language
  8. In survival simulator you could run while having your inventory open, it was a bug but maybe catsbit should add something like that back as a feature
  9. I think you can still kill somebody in 1 hit with a headshot with any gun
  10. these are wonderful ideas, I am sure the developer will like these.
  11. I think they may be inactive for the weekend
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    don't they already have ladder?
  13. bro u dead or something?

    1. bjb3n
    2. bjb3n
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      not really bro, I just forgot that there was a forum.


      thanks for caring !)

  14. it happens. sad to hear still
  15. in case you haven't seen, redxmlme is the user with the most likes. but the people who are liking their posts seem to be odd, most have no content count and no profile picture, and the ones who do are just active members who liked their posts. is it possible they used alternative accounts to like their own posts? here's an example, look who liked their post: jadethehumanone and catsbit reacted, but a whole bunch of other random accounts with no posts did as well; 26 of them
  16. Firestar9990


    question: why did you reply to a topic that was almost 2 years old?