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  1. Yes, we already know him. Banned.
  2. I don't really get what invisible hacker means..
  3. Thanks, we will think how to fix it.
  4. Yes, it will be fixed, thanks.
  5. Catsbit.Care

    pls fix this

    Please precise what country you live in.
  6. Yes, stabilization of the game is what we are working on.
  7. Catsbit.Care


    Nope. Wipes go together with updates on the client side.
  8. Catsbit.Care


    At the moment we don't plan to add it.
  9. Мы сделали это специально, так как карта слишком мала для 70 игроков + нагрузка на сервер слишком большая
  10. Thanks for your suggestion. But our game is for mobile devices. We don't want to encourage players to play on contollers, because it will be unfair towards players playing with touches.
  11. Пока нет. Если понадобятся, разместим объявление.
  12. Nope. We made it on purpose. The load on the servers is lower + the map is too small for so many players
  13. Unfortunately, the nickname is not readable. Could you write it here?
  14. He was kicked after he has passed throught the wall, right?
  15. In the update we will fix it. At the moment we are busy with Oxide
  16. Still the same error? Have you updated the game to the latest version?
  17. Can you provide me with the video? There are just screenshots.
  18. We will take measures, thanks.
  19. Yes, I've already seen it. Thanks, we will fix it.
  20. Did it happen just once or many times? Please remind me what device you have.